"You're Trying to Lure My Daughter" — Neighbor Told This Man to Stop Swimming in His Own Pool

In a social post, a man shares that a neighbor told him to stop swimming in his own swimming pool and folks want answers. Details here.

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Aug. 7 2023, Published 1:11 p.m. ET

neighbor tells man to stop swimming in his own pool
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Owning a home is one of the biggest accomplishments anyone can achieve. Not only does it show that you have great financial habits, but it’s also an asset that can be passed down to future generations.

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Unfortunately, owning a home comes with many cons — from home maintenance issues to dealing with property taxes. However, one of the biggest pains is dealing with annoying neighbors.

In a Reddit post, a man shared that a neighbor told him to stop swimming in his own pool. Yes, we’re very serious. Naturally, folks have given their opinions and the comments passed the vibe check. Here’s the 4-1-1.

A man standing by his pool
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In a Reddit post, a man shared that a neighbor told him to stop swimming in his own pool.

The audacity! In Reddit’s “Am I the A-------" (AITA) forum, one user shared that a neighbor told him to stop swimming in his pool at his Florida home to his surprise.

“I'm a 30-year-old male, and I have a house down here in Florida. Around the evening time, after a long day of work, etc., I love taking a dive in my pool (in my backyard) and having a nice swim for a while,” the Redditor shared. “I just find it soothing, relaxing and helps me sleep better and I feel much better and it's something I look forward to every day.”

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“So every day, around 6–7 p.m., I dive into my pool,” he continued. “I take my shirt off just wearing my swimming trunks and go right into my pool and start swimming. Every day, I see a lady sitting on her balcony just watching me swim. I don't care so I just mind my business swimming and/or I might sit on the chair in the pool just relaxing.”

Unfortunately, things went left one day as his next-door neighbor named Janice, who has a daughter, came to his home to confront him.

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“Yesterday, while I was swimming at 7 p.m. I hear a loud banging knocking noise on my door,” the man said. “I get up from my pool, dry myself, put a pair of clothes on, and go to the front door. I said ‘Hey Janice, how's it going?' Janice said, ‘What's going on is you're trying to lure my innocent daughter into your trap. And I know how this goes.' I then told her, ‘Janice, I'm not luring anybody and I'm minding my business.’”

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“She then said, ‘I don't care about all that. But listen, put some clothes on and stop swimming in your pool. We have children over here.' I then say, ‘It's my pool, and it's my property, Janice. I'm not doing anything.' I went inside and closed the door,” he wrote before asking, AITA?

Reddit users believe that the man swimming in his pool did nothing wrong.

Thanks to the wonders of social media, we have all been able to see the level of audacity some people have. And unfortunately, this situation is one of many instances where people pass their place and feel the need to disrespect someone.

As expected, Reddit users shared their sentiments and they believe that the user was “NTA.”

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“NTA. Get some cameras and have them pointed at the pool and your front door. If your neighbor does this again, report them to the police for harassment, give the footage of them at your door, and footage of you just swimming and minding your own business,” one person said.

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“NTA. Wow, the cheek of it! I'd be tempted to skinnydip in the future!! Seriously that is bad bad advice, don't do that, in some states that is illegal if minors can see you. You can use your pool how you like and Janice (I'm picturing the one from Friends) can keep her daughter busy when you are swimming if she feels her daughter is being inappropriate,” another user shared.

Luckily, the Redditor handled the situation appropriately so things didn’t escalate. However, it's important to know that some people are very miserable and delusional. So, it’s not worth going back and forth with people about their foolishness.

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