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Source: WWE

Bray Wyatt Revealed the 'New Face' of the Firefly Funhouse, and WWE Fans Were Surprised


WWE fans thought that they were going to be treated to a new member of the Firefly Funhouse bit after superstar/twisted children's show host Bray Wyatt pledged to show everyone a "new face." Viewers thought that a new puppet would be making an appearance on the popular sketch. As it turns out, however, Bray did indeed introduce a "new face", it just wasn't what anyone was expecting.

One of the biggest developments with "The Fiend's" character was the introduction of his new mask created by legendary special effects artist and actor Tom Savini. 

The creepy look soon became synonymous with the superstar's "evil carnie" gimmick and helped to launch him in the stratosphere. He's not only the current WWE champion but also one of the biggest sellers of merchandise for the company.