Nikocado Avocado's Net Worth May Be a Surprise to Some of His Fans and Critics

Nikocado Avocado has had a lot of ups and downs over the years as an extreme eater with mukbang videos, and many are curious about his net worth today.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Sep. 6 2023, Published 1:12 p.m. ET

Just the Gist:

  • Nikocado Avocado is a YouTube sensation and influencer.
  • Nikocado, whose real name is Nicholas Perry, started out as a vegan vlogger.
  • His estimated net worth is pretty impressive.

Long before people were making mukbang videos on TikTok, there was Nikocado Avocado on YouTube. Though his real name is Nicholas Perry, he started making YouTube videos in 2013 under the name that fans know him as today — Nikocado Avocado.

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And since he's still active in content creation, it's hard not to wonder what his net worth is now. Nikocado's videos started off as a blog about veganism and lifestyle videos. However, a couple of years after his channel started, Nikocado changed his goal completely and he began making mukbang videos of himself eating copious amounts of often unhealthy food. And from there, his internet fame skyrocketed.

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What is Nikocado Avocado's net worth?

According to Net Worth Spot, Nikocado's net worth as of 2023 is $1.33 million. This hasn't been confirmed by Nikocado or anyone associated with him, but it is the estimated worth he has amassed in his years as an online personality. Mainly, as most of his fans know, his income stems from YouTube. But Nikocado is also active on Instagram, TikTok, and even OnlyFans.

Nikocado Avocado

YouTuber, influencer

Net worth: $1.33 million

Nikocado Avocado started out as a YouTube vlogger in 2013, when he made videos as a vegan. Later, he started making mukbang videos and he became famous for his dramatic over-eating in his uploads.

Birth date: May 19, 1992

Birth place: Kherson, Ukraine

Birth name: Nicholas Perry

Spouse: Orlin Home (divorced)

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Nikocado calls himself the "king of mukbangs" on YouTube. And on OnlyFans, he is ranked in the top 1 percent of all users with adult content that subscribers pay $14.99 per month to see. He's even on Cameo now. For $15, you can receive a personal message from Nikocado.

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But for $149, you get a video. And so far, Nikocado has more than 1,000 reviews on Cameo. There seems to be no mode of online revenue that he won't tap into. And, judging by the amount of money he makes, there's probably no reason he sees that he shouldn't tap into them.

Nikocado Avocado's monthly income is estimated to be pretty high.

Because of all of Nikocado's streams of income online, and his projected net worth, you have to assume that his monthly income is pretty impressive as well. His estimated monthly income from YouTube alone is around $5,000, but that can vary. Then there are Nikocado's other modes of income, like OnlyFans, which likely earns Nikocado tens of thousands more per month.

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His monthly earnings from that, as estimated by multiple outlets, is around $500,000. If that's accurate, then Nikocado's net worth may be even higher than the estimated $1.33 million. For now, these numbers are estimates, as Nikocado himself hasn't confirmed them to be true. But the amount of money Nikocado earns every month has to be a lot for him to devote so much of his time to mukbang videos.

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Did Nikocado Avocado lose weight at some point?

In early 2023, Nikocado publicly revealed that he had lost weight. And many of his fans saw hope for him in getting healthy and even giving up the mukbang videos altogether. However, it didn't take long for him to set yet another weight gain goal for himself and he shared numerous videos about his "goal" of getting to 400 pounds.

In May 2023, Nikocado shared a TikTok where he is shown dancing on a beach with a voice-over in a different voice declaring, "I gained back 47.9 [pounds] and I don't even care. I now weigh 376.8 pounds. Like I said, I no longer care."

And, it seems, for the foreseeable future, Nikocado is intent on continuing to make the videos he has become infamous for.

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