"No Problem" vs. "You're Welcome" — Which One Is More Polite? This Man Finally Resolves the Debate

According to social media, you might be responding to people the wrong way when they say "Thank you." So, is "No problem!" or "You're welcome!" more polite?

Pretty Honore - Author

Aug. 1 2023, Updated 4:42 p.m. ET

Common courtesy isn’t so common.

Gone are days when “please” and “thank you” were king. These days, good manners are hard to come by. Still, there are plenty of polite people left in the world.

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But is there such a thing as being too well-mannered? In this case, the answer is yes.

A long-lived debate resurfaced on TikTok and challenged a widely-accepted societal norm.

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According to some users, saying “You’re welcome!” is rude and you should actually say “No problem!” instead. Then again, people who say, “Anytime!” might think that “No problem!” is rude.

So, who’s correct in this moral dilemma? One social media user named @yuvaltheterrible got to the bottom of it in a now-viral TikTok video. According to him, it doesn’t really matter how you say it because it’s all the same.

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What’s the best response to “Thank you”? Breaking down the “You’re welcome” vs. “No problem” debate.

Out of all the things to argue about, a couple of people on TikTok chose one very strange hill to die on. Users across TikTok are embroiled in a debate about how to respond when someone says thank you — and apparently, “You’re welcome” ain’t it.

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That said, this TikTok user broke down why the entire argument is pretty much pointless. Yuval, who, himself uses “No problem,” said "You’re welcome" just “feels rude” for some reason. The reason, you ask? He’s not sure.

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Yuval said in the video: “I also say 'No problem' for the exact same reason that she listed in this video — which is that ‘You're welcome’ feels rude. But the truth is 'You're welcome' is not rude. It's not inherently less polite than ‘No problem’ is.”

“I mean, I genuinely feel as if 'You're welcome' is rude, even though I know it isn't,” he added.

According to Yuval, the debate stems from our inherent desire to be right.

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People comment about "You're Welcome" vs "Thank you".
Source: TikTok/@yuvaltheterrible

“They all just really come from having to justify the way we speak because it makes us feel a little bit better,” the TikToker said. “But the truth is, neither of them are truly rude. Neither of them [is] truly polite. They just are.”

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People in the comments agreed with Yuval, offering their own alternatives to “You’re welcome.”

"Since everyone’s dropping their scripts, mine are: ‘My pleasure,' 'Sure thing,' 'You bet,' and, 'Anytime.’ I only say ‘You’re welcome’ if it was an inconvenience,” @alexbasa.co.m2 wrote.

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Another person summed the whole thing up pretty well in the comments when they said: “So basically we’re all overthinking.”

It’s hard to tell whether or not the difference is cultural, regional, or generational, but one thing is for sure: people have some pretty strong feelings about it.

“I didn't use to say ‘no problem’ in reply to thanks but a while back I saw a lotta nonsense along the lines of ‘Young people say no prob instead of you’re very welcome because they hate the elderly, so I've been exclusively saying it since,” @Lanthus wrote on Twitter.

No matter the case, keeping it kind costs $0.00! Focusing on semantics is just darned right silly!

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