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Source: Instagram

'Not a Wedding Photographer' Captures the Chaos and Mess of Real Weddings


Ian Weldon is not a wedding photographer. So stop calling him that. Wedding photographers usually capture canned moments. Posed and filtered shots with smiling people looking their best. The nicest angles. The wedding dress positioned just right. But that's not Ian Weldon. Ian Weldon is not a wedding photographer, after all. He is a documentary photographer who happens to shoot weddings. 

Source: Instagram

On every single one of his pages, from his Instagram to his website, Ian makes it clear that he is "not a wedding photographer." "I've tried, I really have," Ian writes on his website, "but there's no easy way to tell you that I'm not a Wedding Photographer. I mean, as much as I'd love to stand around for hours lining people up, ordering them around and taking photographs of every combination of family member and guest, I've more important things to be doing. And quite frankly, so have you."