“I’ve Done This a Couple Times” — Patient Exits Hospital After Nurses Ignore Call Button

A man who came into a hospital’s ER changed his mind after seeing how the facility’s nurses treat their patients. They ignored the call button.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Sep. 21 2023, Published 10:21 p.m. ET

Though many people know the importance of going to the doctor, especially in emergencies, most of us have been guilty of trying to avoid going to the hospital. Some people are concerned about the exorbitant costs of just one ER visit, while others can’t stand the thought of spending their day in a cold, sterile hospital bed.

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Despite the hospital’s reputation of being expensive and time-consuming, those in need still turn to the facility when they don’t know how to treat themselves. However, when one TikTok user discovered he wouldn’t be getting any assistance in his time needed, he reacted in a way he felt best fit the nurse’s negligence.

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A patient left a hospital after asking the nurse for assistance way too many times.

Unfortunately, I have been in the emergency room for myself or a loved one far too often to count. And every time I go, I prepare mentally for it because I know I will be at the hospital for hours.

Hospitals everywhere take the leisure approach to patient care. On Sept. 20, 2023, a TikTok user based in Charlotte, N.C., named Stei (@steyeuh) posted a short video about his unsatisfactory hospital visit. While lying in one of the hospital’s beds with a gown covering his body, Stei shared he had been waiting “30 minutes” for a nurse to come in and assist him.

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Stei holds a patient remote and records himself profusely, hitting the nurse’s patient call button so someone can help him. He said he had tried to get the nurse’s attention multiple times and, at one point, could even hear his alert at the nurse’s station, although no one picked up the phone.

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After a significant time waiting, Stei proceeded to get dressed and repeatedly said, “I’m leaving” to the camera. Once dressed, he picked up his headphones and left the building.

He then told his followers the hospital “had be f----- up,” and he would’ve been better off taking care of himself.

“I came here for medical assistance, not just to lay down,” Stei says as he’s walking out of the hospital. “B----, I can do that at home.”

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Many TikTokers sided with the fed-up patient.

Underneath the post, the TikToker received many comments from users who agreed with Stei’s approach to taking charge of his healthcare and understood his frustration.

“I felt this so hard,” one user commented. “I have to go to the hospital a lot due to health reasons, and it’s always such a bad experience.”

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“This is literally me like I could be dying and y’all taking y’all sweet dandy time,” said another user.

Many users were more appalled because none of the hospital’s staff seemingly were around to stop him.

“It’s the fact that he walked out, and they didn’t even notice 😂😂😂,” a commenter said.

While I’ve never been so bold as to walk out of a hospital after I’ve already chosen to go and seek medical help, I appreciated and respected Stei’s choice to do what was best for himself.

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