Yes, the OceanGate Titan Submersible Has Been Modded Into 'Grand Theft Auto V'

While not a perfect replica of the Titan submerisble, this OceanGate 'GTA V' mod allows you to explore the waters around Los Santos.

Jon Bitner - Author

Jun. 27 2023, Published 5:12 p.m. ET

The OceanGate Titan Submersible tragedy came to an end on June 22, with wreckage from the vehicle discovered on the ocean floor near the Titanic. Now, the event has been memorialized in Grand Theft Auto V, thanks to an OceanGate GTA V mod that allows players to jump into a virtual version of the submersible.

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The OceanGate mod isn’t an exact replica of the vehicle, but players are able to pilot the watercraft and explore the murky waters around Los Santos. The mod launched on June 22, and it’s already racked up nearly 5,000 downloads. Here’s a closer look at the OceanGate GTA V mod.

What is the OceanGate 'GTA V' mod?

Created by SkylineGTRFreak, the OceanGate GTA V mod brings the eponymous vehicle to the massive open world of Grand Theft Auto V. The submersible is fully drivable, allowing you to dive into the waters and explore the depths of the ocean.

While the outside of the submersible looks almost identical to its real-life counterpart, the modder notes that there were some limitations to how it functions during gameplay.

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“Due to the nature of submersible functions in GTA, this still uses the default sub layout, meaning only one person can enter (and does so through the top, although the front hatch will open accordingly),” wrote the creator. “The front hatch can be opened and the lights are working. [It] also includes [a] custom collision model for a proper hitbox.”

To get the mod working, you’ll need to use OpenIV, a free modding toolset for GTA V.

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This isn’t the first time SkylineGTRFreak has brought a controversial vehicle to Grand Theft Auto V, as the modder previously worked on a Chinese Spy Balloon vehicle for the game. This allowed you to jump into the balloon and take to the skies — although it couldn’t do much else. That mod is yet to hit 2,000 installs.

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The OceanGate Titan submersible can be piloted across the surface of the water or down below. Unfortunately, the ocean is a pretty empty place in Grand Theft Auto V, so don’t expect to stumble upon anything to amazing. Commenters on a separate video note that they were able to get to the ocean floor and were rather disappointed with what they found.

“I once managed to get to the bottom of the ocean with just the big double-decker airliner by just going high up in the air, and then nose-dive into the ocean,” wrote the commenter. “I got there and it was a flat floor going on for miles. Fun times.”

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Aside from the latest OceanGate mod, there’s also a Titanic mod for GTA V that has been around for years. This allows you to explore the ship before it sank to the bottom of the sea. The model is absolutely massive, featuring working exterior lights, tons of explorable rooms, and plenty of other surprises to discover.

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