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15 Memes and Tweets Anyone Who Has Survived an Office Holiday Party Can Relate To


To paraphrase 30 Rock, ain't no party like an office party, because an office party is mandatory. And there is no office shindig more lit than an office holiday party. 

It's a little crazy to me that office holiday parties are even a thing, and that they're often put on by human resources departments. It's a situation ripe for messy situations, what with the free-flowing booze, the late hours, and the tensions that can build among people forced to spend 40 hours a week together. 

Here are 15 memes and tweets that truly capture the essence of this ill-advised workplace tradition.

Source: twitter

On the one hand, sure, it is a good sign that your coworkers care about your whereabouts and wellbeing. I'm just not so sure whatever led to such universal concern is such a positive sign... especially if you're at all fuzzy on the events of the evening.