Ryan Ohmwrecker Has Made Some Pretty Serious Allegations Against H20 Delirious

Ryan Ohmwrecker has made some fairly serious accusations against H20 Delirious. Here's all the drama going on between the streamers, explained.


May 24 2021, Published 11:38 a.m. ET

The world of YouTube certainly has more than its fair share of drama, and that's true across the platform's various subcultures. Just recently, gamer YouTube exploded after Ryan Ohmwrecker made allegations against the Vanoss Crew and H20 Delirious in particular. Shortly after those allegations were made, an all-out Twitter brawl broke out between Ohmwrecker and H20 Delirious. 

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H20 Delirious and Ohmwrecker started arguing on Twitter.

The drama started after Ohmwrecker was featured in a Keemster video in which he said that members of the Vanoss Crew used to share pictures of girls with one another. Ohmwrecker also played audio that he said verified his claims, although the context and authenticity of the audio could not be verified. 

Ohmwrecker also discussed H20 Delirious, saying that his friends had set him up with a girl in 2013. 

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Ohmwrecker then played an audio clip of H20 Delirious talking to the girl, who he claimed was underage. The accusations leveled against H20 Delirious are undeniably severe, although there were plenty of people online who began questioning Ohmwrecker's claims basically as soon as he started making them. 

Eventually H20 Delirious decided to wade into the controversy himself in order to mount a defense. 

“Screw Ohm that manipulative piece of s--t," H20 Delirious wrote. "He’s not the saint he claims. All his lies and twists because two groups decided they didn’t want to play games with him. allegedly did this same thing to Markiplier. Ask him why he cheated on his RL GF he likes to keep secret, Jamie Pang.”

As people began to question whether Ohmwrecker's claims were true, he also took to Twitter, saying that he had screenshots that could prove what he was saying. 

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H20 Delirious also addressed the allegations against him, saying that his encounter with the underage girl was a terrible attempt at hazing. "I do want to address one thing that has been said that has been completely misrepresented," the streamer wrote on Twitter. "Nine years ago two people thought it would be funny to do something really messed up as a form of hazing me." 

Source: YouTube
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"It’s no secret I was easily excited and very crude when I was in my early 20s," he continued. "Someone I had played with a few times prior on Xbox messaged me saying they were only wearing a towel. This caught my attention and interest." 

H20 Delirious also added that he wasn't sure whether the girl was underage, but that he didn't know her well regardless. H20 said that he is currently focused on being a good father and that Ohmwrecker is the one who insists on interfering with his life.

How old is Ryan Ohmwrecker?

As the drama continued to play out, some also began to wonder how old Ryan Ohmwrecker was. He is currently 37, while H20 Delirious is 34. Although perceptions around YouTube have led some to believe the platform is still dominated by young stars, many of the platform's biggest success stories around now well into their 30s, but that doesn't mean they're not still a part of the drama. 

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