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Source: Facebook

Woman Collects The Unintentionally Hilarious Facebook Bios of Old Ladies


Facebook is a treasure trove of bizarre baby boomer behavior. There's such a specific way older people are weird on Facebook that it's hard to describe. But it's so so funny. And recently, Kristin Hagan stumbled upon a veritable gold mine: older women's Facebook bios. I don't know what these ladies are trying to achieve with their bios. I don't know if they even know they wrote a bio. But whatever's going on, they nailed it. 


Source: Facebook

Eileen! What are you trying to say? Are you seafood? Is your last name "Oyster" or something? Are you spending your entire retirement on a search for good seafood? Looks like that body of water might have some mussels in it or something. But what do you mean, Eileen? Side note: Perfect mullet. Never change it.