Olivia Culpo Says Her Parents Don't Know What She Does for a Living (EXCLUSIVE)


Nov. 7 2022, Published 3:45 p.m. ET

Olivia Culpo
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Former Miss Universe and social media personality Olivia Culpo is putting her family in the spotlight with the new TLC/Discovery Plus reality TV series The Culpo Sisters.

The show follows Olivia and her older sister Aurora and younger sister Sophia as they navigate being A-list influencers in Hollywood.

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But that's not all — Olivia is also intermittently including her parents, Peter and Susan, as well as her big brother Pete and younger brother Gus in her latest project.

Noting that family is her main priority, Distractify spoke exclusively with the 30-year-old — who partnered with Rao's Homemade — about her family's dynamic, and how her parents don't really understand her profession.

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Who are Olivia Culpo's parents?

Though Olivia's parents are not social media influencers, they are recognized in their individual professions. Olivia's dad, Peter, is a restaurant entrepreneur in the Boston area. Her mom, Susan, is an accomplished violinist who has played for the Boston Symphony and the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra.

In a clip from The Culpo Sisters, Susan and Peter joked that they weren't actually certain of their children's occupations. When a crew member on their show asked, "How would you describe the girls' careers now? What do they do?" the Culpo parents responded with confusion.

"Please tell us, we don't know," Susan admitted. "I know that Olivia sends me often very many photographs of herself and says 'Pick your fave.'"

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Peter added that, due to the girls' influencer lifestyles, they frequently received mail at all hours of the day. "They get like 10 or 20 packages a day. They act like it's a job — they have to open them up and pull out this cool stuff."

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While we're sure they are proud of their daughter's success, Olivia told us that her parents still don't know what she does for a living.

"I [still] do not think my parents know what I do," she told us. "I'll be grateful to anybody who finally gives them the right idea of what I do because they have no idea."

All jokes aside, Olivia hopes that fans watching The Culpo Sisters series recognize the importance of family and that "family is everything."

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Describing their family dynamic to Page Six, Olivia — the middle child — said, "We were all so close in age — there’s five of us within eight years — and our parents worked all the time, and so we had to rely on each other."

She further explained that the older siblings cooked, cleaned, and let the younger siblings stay up late because their parents were away so much for work.

Despite Olivia's parents not exactly understanding what she and her sisters do for a living, they have remained supportive of her career since she was crowned Miss Universe in 2012. In an interview with the Boston Globe, Peter Culpo said that "we’ll support her whatever she wants to do."

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What is Olivia Culpo's ethnicity?

According to an archived article from Pageant News, Olivia is reportedly of Italian and Irish descent. Per the outlet, she spent two years studying abroad at the University of Milan! She is also the fourth Miss Universe with Italian heritage.

Fans will have the opportunity to learn more about Olivia and her family life during her show The Culpo Sisters, which airs Mondays on TLC at 9 p.m. ET.

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