When It Comes to Taylor Ann Green, Don't Expect Olivia Flowers to "Hop on the Forgiveness Wagon"

Jennifer Tisdale - Author

Jan. 11 2024, Published 3:16 p.m. ET

Olivia Flowers and Taylor Ann Green
Source: YouTube/Bravo

(L-R): Olivia Flowers and Taylor Ann Green

There are very few friendship codes that are more sacred than the one that clearly states that your friend's ex is off limits. Obviously there are exceptions, such as if two people fall head over heels in love, but those are few and far between. One has to wonder what is going on in a person's head when they decide to make a move on the former flame of a current pal. In most cases, I suspect the bad buddy is missing something in another aspect of their life and is looking for a temporary fix.

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This seems to happen often on reality television shows where the typical emotional ties between friends are heightened by nonstop cameras, producers with an agenda, and dedicated fans. Bravo's Southern Charm is no stranger to its controversies, and Season 9 of the popular show dropped a doozy when it was revealed that Taylor Ann Green hooked up with her friend Olivia Flowers's ex-boyfriend. Were they able to move past this devastating indiscretion? Here's what we know.

 Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers
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(L-R): Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers

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Are Olivia Flowers and Taylor Ann Green friends now that some time has passed?

It doesn't look like Olivia is very interested in rekindling her friendship with Taylor. In fact, not much has changed since she found out and had to relive it when Season 9 began. "It's a bit of a roller coaster," Olivia said to E! News during an exclusive interview in October 2023. "My goal is for us to be OK as friends, I didn't want it to be this Olivia versus Taylor thing at all. I really was still trying to get our friendship back on track and you'll see that throughout the season, but it's up and down."

Apparently watching that season has given Olivia more insight into what was going on behind her back. "It's definitely changed some things and I don't think we'll ever be what we were. I don't really care to be either," she said. Part of the continuing demise of the friendship stems from the fact that as Taylor was profusely apologizing to Olivia, she was telling a different story to their friends. Obviously that was caught on camera.

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Things between Taylor and Olivia get even messier during the Season 9 reunion.

If Taylor thought she was going to find a friendly face at the reunion, she should have known better. Not only did she have to deal with a righteously angry Olivia, but the rest of the cast had a few choice words for the backstabbing pal. Leva Bonaparte was more focused on Taylor's deception after the fact, versus the act itself. "You continued to lie to these two people the entire time," she said to Taylor. "It makes all of us want to step back. That's the problem."

Olivia is also apparently more hurt by Taylor's two-faces than by the stolen drunken kiss. "It's not even the action that's the problem," said an increasingly more agitated Olivia. Taylor kept blaming the alcohol which led to the smooch sesh instead of taking any responsibility for her actions. After stating how often Taylor lied to her, Olivia said it was wild that people expected her to "hop on the forgiveness wagon." When Taylor attempted to respond, Olivia countered with a classic, "Shut up."

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