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These Online Shopping Fails Are Why You Must Always Read the Product Description


Online shopping can be convenient and fun, not to mention it's been a game-changer in making products available to a wider audience than ever before. In many areas you can even order your weekly groceries online. But as virtually everyone who shops online has discovered at some point, shopping by product pictures alone can lead to frustrating and often hilarious incidences of "expectation vs. reality." disappointment.

Like this $10 chair that was too good to be true.

Source: Amazon

Who hasn't thought they found a great deal when in reality the item is much smaller than expected? A lot of Amazon shoppers were duped by this acrylic doll-sized chair, thinking it was regular human-sized. And who could blame them? Looking at this photo, there's no way of knowing the size. It's not until you see it in perspective that you get just how tiny that chair is.