"What Is It Like to Relax"? — Woman Wishes She Could Have a Man's Brain

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 14 2023, Published 3:05 p.m. ET

A couple of months ago, a TikTok video garnered a lot of attention. In the video, a woman explained that she was at the grocery store and saw a mom handle all of the shopping while cradling her young baby in her arms. What infuriated the TikTok creator was that the woman wasn't alone — her seemingly "useless" husband was also there, but too engrossed in his phone to help. It made the creator livid.

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Unfortunately, the concept of a mom putting in maximum effort, while dad simply just exists isn’t new.

Men just seem more relaxed when it comes to parenting and household duties and often don't think about them. In the story below, a woman asked her husband a question that I’m sure many busy moms want to ask their partners: “What is it like to relax?"

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A woman says she wishes she could "be in a man’s brain for one day" after watching her husband relax so frequently.

A woman named Kristen Peixinho (@kristenpeixinho) took to TikTok to report her findings after asking her husband what it's like to relax.

Upon hearing the question, he wasn't quite clear what she meant, so she elaborated, "Like when you lay on the couch and go on your phone."

She continued: "Does anything cross your mind like, ‘Oh maybe I should throw in a load of laundry. That might help Kristen out.'"

She figured it was a valid question considering they have three kids and both work full time. However, her husband said he doesn't have thoughts that cross his mind like that.

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Kristen was in shock: "I legitimately almost dropped on the floor and died cause I was like, 'Wow , I wish my brain would work that way because I am so sick of cleaning and not relaxing.'"

She ended her video by saying, "I would love to be in a man’s brain for one day."

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Women in the comment section of Kristen's video could relate and tried to offer her some advice: "I would stop washing his clothes," one suggested.

Another user opined that she would try and take a breather and not worry about everything so much. "Sometimes you just gotta let the laundry and dishes pile up and relax for a day. Leave the house if need be," read the comment.

One user wrote: "I’m only putting in the effort my partner does from now on. Life is too short to do it all myself."

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And other users touted the benefits of being single, although it didn't seem like Kristen was unhappy in her marriage. It seemed that she used TikTok as an outlet to joke about the differences between her and her husband's parenting styles.

In another TikTok, she filmed her kids and her husband on a spinning teacup ride while she waited for them outside the gate. Compared to the other families on the ride, her husband and kids' teacup appeared to be going at a much more rapid pace. "Not me yelling at him to stop spinning it," she teased in the caption.

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In another TikTok, she claimed that she had asked her husband to help her with the laundry for three days. He didn't. Instead he used his energy to put the Christmas tree up super early.

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"The Christmas tree had to be up today ... on November 7. It had to be up today. He couldn't do the laundry because the Christmas tree had to be up," she remarked, before adding "and I guess that's one of the reasons I love him."

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