This Life Hack for Opening Carbonated Beverage Cans With No Fizzing May Just Save Our Drinks

A mom blogger's life hack for opening carbonated beverage cans with no fizzing is blowing our minds. Here's her life-changing hack.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Aug. 3 2023, Published 6:46 p.m. ET

If you've ever drunk any carbonated beverage from a can, you're probably all too familiar with this struggle. You go and try to open the pressurized container for a nice cold beverage and then BOOM. The can suddenly overflows with an outpouring of foam and drink that sends you into crisis mode. Maybe you played with the can a little too much at a party or it got jostled around in transit as you were bringing it home. Either way, those drinks have inadvertently exploded on many a person.

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For many of us, the solution would be to open it as slowly as possible with paper towels on standby. Some of us might even instinctively bring the overflowing drink to our lips to salvage some of the beverage. You'd be forgiven if you didn't think there was any easier way to fix this first-world problem, but one mom shared a life-changing hack on TikTok for this very issue.

Meg Maxwell (@megmax15) shared her mind-blowing method to fix shaken cans before they explode on us.

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A woman shared her life hack for opening carbonated beverage cans with no fizzing.

Meg Maxwell has plenty of videos dedicated to quick-and-easy recipes at home, mom blog posts with her kids, and random lifestyle updates. However, her hack on fixing fizzy carbonated cans is blowing our minds right now.

"My husband just went to hand me this very delicious beer and he accidentally fumbled it and it rolled a few times," Meg shared as some perfectly relatable setup. "So there's a little trick my mom taught me so that you can open it immediately without it bubbling over or fizzing when you open it."

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Meg tested out her trick on a seltzer can instead, but the same principle should apply to any other carbonated drink. She shook it up for the camera, which would probably be a nightmare scenario for most of us.

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She then placed her can on a flat surface and turned it three times counterclockwise.

"Now it should be fine to open," she surmised.

Sure enough, the can didn't explode on her and her seltzer was safe.

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Most folks in the comments were blown away by Meg's life hack.

"Um, where was this info an hour ago when I dropped a Pepsi can and had to wait an hour to open it?" one person asked jokingly.

Another person joked: "Accidentally turned it clockwise. Now my arm is missing."

Other folks even took it a step further by explaining the science behind Meg's life hack.

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"It's because you're causing the can to vibrate, which knocks the bubbles loose. You can do the same by tapping the sides and bottom [of the can]," one person commented.

Other folks echoed similar sentiments, claiming that they've always tapped a shaken can on all sides whenever this happened to their cans in order to avoid spillage.

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Others even remember learning this trick for the AMC series Better Call Saul. In one scene, lawyer Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) demonstrated the trick after his assistant drops several canned drinks on the ground.

We don't necessarily recommend going out to buy a can just to test out this life hack. But if you ever find yourself fumbling over one such can in the future, you may do well to give this a shot!

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