"It's Not Our Dog" — This Pet Owner Accidentally Picked up the Wrong Dog From Daycare

This dog owner accidentally picked up the wrong dog from daycare and even brought it home. The slowl realization is absolutely priceless.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Nov. 8 2023, Published 4:19 p.m. ET

Remember that scene from The Office when Pam (Jenna Fischer) gave birth to her first child? As she was settling into some of her new duties, she took the time to cradle the baby alongside Jim (John Krasinski) and found the baby to be less fussy than she had behaved moments earlier. However, she quickly realized that she'd picked up the baby of the other new mother in the bed next to her and had Jim quickly switch them back.

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It's certainly funny for a sitcom, but such a thing rarely occurs in real life. In fact, it might surprise you to know that maternity wards have several safety measures in place to ensure that it never actually happens. But can the same be said for pet dogs?

Apparently, it can! In a hilarious viral TikTok, one dog owner accidentally picked up the wrong dog from doggy daycare and brought them home. Check out the full story.

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This dog owner accidentally dognapped the wrong pet from daycare!

@soulereport on TikTok shared the hilarious video of her sister coming to the realization that the dog she'd brought home was not hers. At the time of recording, the woman had just come back from picking up her dog, Millie, from daycare. At least, she thought it was Millie.

However, the man in the video immediately noticed that something was off with the dog that was brought home. The nose was already a dead giveaway.

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"Look at her nose," the man exclaims in the video. "Are you sure this is Millie? It doesn't look like Millie to me."

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Without outright answering him, the woman proceeded to get a closer look at the dog. She even started to pull out her phone to try and compare pictures of Millie to the dog that was currently in their house.

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Finally, the man took notice of the dog's tail. While Millie's tail was supposed to have a white tip, the dog in the video didn't. That was when they officially confirmed it.

"This is not my dog," the woman exclaimed.

The two of them immediately started getting ready to bring the dog back to the daycare to properly reclaim Millie. Hilariously enough, though, the woman continued to call the strange dog Millie all the while.

In a quick follow-up, OP explained that her sister had called the daycare as soon as they realized she'd taken the wrong dog. It was easy enough for the sister to return the dog and bring home Millie.

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She also explained that Millie is a new addition to the family and that she was still getting acquainted with them, which partly explains why she didn't immediately recognize it. Reportedly, the daycare also removes collars from pets who stay there and puts them back on when they get picked up. So really, it was the daycare's fault!

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The whole thing was resolved without any issue, though it's difficult to gauge how the other dog's owners might have reacted to a complete stranger taking them home for a few minutes. If nothing else, the other dog was remarkably well-behaved for having accidentally been dognapped and brought to a strange house that they wouldn't recognize.

While this might not be a likely situation for anyone else, this could serve as a bizarre PSA for dog owners to make sure they're bringing home the right dogs!

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