Internet Divided After Woman Admits She Doesn't Want Her Babies' First Words to Be "Dada"

In a now-viral video, a woman muted a "first words for babies" lesson because she doesn't want her babies' first words to be "dada."

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Nov. 2 2023, Published 10:59 a.m. ET

When babies start to produce their first sounds and words, many parents listen attentively and eagerly await for their sweet child to say something, specifically their names. Now, research suggests that "dada" comes before "mama," and in the end, most women accept it and move on.

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However, some refuse to accept this, including TikTok user Claire Spring (@clairespring_). In October 2023, the social media influencer took matters into her own hands and revealed that she's not risking her identical twin babies saying "dada" first. Wait, what does that mean?!

Keep reading to find out! Plus, stick around to learn how the internet feels about Claire's decision.

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Woman mutes TV because she doesn't want her babies' first words to be "dada."

In the now-viral video, posted on Oct. 26, 2023, Claire and her identical twin babies watched a "first words for babies" lesson on YouTube. When the woman in the video, YouTube personality Ms. Rachel, started teaching the little ones to say "dada," Claire grabbed the remote and muted the TV.

"Nope, not risking it," Claire explained in the video's caption alongside a few hashtags, including "mama first" and "girl mom." Sure, it's a little strange, but all in all, we think Claire was just having a bit of fun!

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Luckily, several people agree that it was just a joke! Claire's video, which has been viewed more than 2.9 million times and counting, received over 2,400 comments from fellow TikTokers who couldn't help but laugh.

"This is hilarious! I wouldn't risk it either!" one user said alongside two crying laughing emojis.

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A second person joked, "Girl, you're better than me, I would have skipped it to the next video." A third TikToker added, "Made us women proud!"

"OK, I'm a dad, and this is gold. My wife would do the exact same thing," another person commented.

Someone else replied, "I'm about to be a dad, and this was actually really funny."

"This is gold. People who are saying mean stuff have zero sense of humor," one TikTok user and fellow parent shared, noting that "it's a fun game with every new baby to see what they say first."

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Speaking of people saying "mean stuff," some were offended by Claire's video.

"I know this is meant to be funny, but that's actually toxic as f---," a TikToker responded. "I would be quietly preparing a custody lawyer just in case if I [were] your husband."

Another person wrote, "So cool that you hate your husband." Um, when did she ever say that?!

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"You don't want your kids to address their father?" a third user asked. "I don't get it ... maybe it's a thing."

A fourth TikTok user pointed out, "Imagine sitting them in front of a screen instead of interacting with them."

"Hi I’m the husband! I just want to apologize to all of the little boys and girls that my wife offended with this video…too funny 😂🤡"
Source: TikTok/@clairespring_

Clarie's husband stood up for her in the comment section.

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On the other hand, many told Claire she should want her kids' first words to be "dada."

"I want my baby to say dada first so I can ask who should change his diapers," someone hilariously revealed.

Another person agreed, writing, "Teach them to say dada first, so he is the one they call in the middle of the night and early mornings. Got me lots of extra sleep with my twins."

"Honestly, I am trying my best to teach my son dada," a third TikTok user explained, adding, "If that's the only word he knows, he is gonna ask 'dada' for help." Ugh — that's so smart!

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