Parent Removes Teen Son's Bedroom Door as Punishment — but the Reason Has Folks Agreeing

A parent on social media decided to remove their teen son's bedroom door after he violated the house rules. Get the full scoop below.

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Jul. 18 2023, Published 5:15 p.m. ET

Parent removes teen sons bedroom door
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Most parents would agree that they’ve had to lay down the law when dealing with disobedient children. And some of those parents prefer to hand down punishment in creative ways.

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One of those parents revealed in a Reddit post that they removed their teen son’s bedroom door after he violated the rules of his home. Here’s the 4-1-1.

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One parent on Reddit shared that they removed their teen son’s bedroom door.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t handle the punishment! On Reddit’s “Am I the A------” (AITA) forum, a parent shared that they removed their teen son's bedroom door.

“My son’s door is usually locked either on accident or because he wants privacy,” the user shared after revealing that the locks on the doors in the home are janky and they're planning on replacing them. “That’s fine and we didn’t have a problem until now.”

The user continued: “I check on the kids usually before I go to bed, sometimes his door is locked so I just say goodnight outside the door. Last night he had the door locked but was playing music. It was late so I told him to turn it down, no response so I knocked. I call him and it goes to voicemail. I’m panicking at this point and think he hit his head or something. No answers to anything we do so we take the door off the frame. He’s not in his room.”

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The user then shared that the teen son snuck out of the home and came back at 4 a.m.

“As punishment, his door is removed since of the lock and it will stay off until he gets a new door in about two weeks,” the user shared. “That door will have the normal door knob lock. My husband and I agree with this punishment but he told his friends and one parent keeps blowing up my phone calling me an a------.”

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The user actually double-checked about the parent who kept calling them out, and it turned out to be another kid.

“Apparently there are ways to make the incoming message look like it is from a different phone,” the user explained. “It was his friend and I contacted his parents. He snuck out also and his parents apologized to me for their son's actions and told me they will deal with it.”

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The parent shared that they have been arguing with the teen son a lot over the door and are now asking for an outside opinion.

Reddit users are aligned that the parent was right for removing the door as punishment.

It’s quite common for kids and teenagers to push their parents’ buttons. And while some parents prefer to take it easy on the punishment scale, others have no qualms about taking big action. In this case, many Reddit users believe that the parent did the right thing considering sneaking out of the home is a very serious thing.

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“NTA. He's using the lock on his door as a mechanism to sneak out of the house and stay out all hours of the night. Who gives AF about trust? He could end up in jail, hurt, or worse. There are times that this would be a violation of trust, this isn't one. Tell that other parent to screw right off and block them. Their house is probably the party house,” one person commented.

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“NTA. But if you haven’t already, put up a sheet in his doorway. I think it’s appropriate to take away his ability to lock his door, but not necessarily appropriate to take away his privacy, another user shared.

Everyone’s parenting style varies, but it’s safe to say that most folks agree that some form of punishment was needed. What would you have done?

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