Mom Calls Parents “Trashy” After Sending Their Daughter to Her House in an Uber

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jan. 18 2024, Updated 4:12 p.m. ET

Play dates have historically been an excellent way for kids to bond with their friends at home outside of school or other settings. The play dates benefit the kids and are typically how parents discover who’s raising their child’s friends.

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Many people will say play dates have changed throughout generations. However, the meeting of the parents section of play dates is still expected when it comes to kids, pre-teens, and teens. So, when one TikTok user discovered one parent wasn’t abiding by the widely known expectation, she took to social media to share how tacky she thought the parent’s behavior was.

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A mom was appalled after her child’s friend’s parents sent them to her house in an Uber.

Nearly every adult remembers growing up and dealing with the awkwardness of watching you and your friend’s parents make small talk at the door of one another’s houses. The conversations are almost always brief and end with a time for the parent to pick their child back up that works for both parties.

In November 2023, a TikTok user named Jill (@imjustoverherelike_grr) shared how she wanted the classic awkward run-in to go after her 13-year-old daughter asked if one of her school friends could come over and spend the night. After agreeing to have the child over, Jill said she waited for the child to arrive so she could greet their parents.

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When Jill’s daughter told her that her friend was outside, she began walking out to what she thought was the friend’s parents’ car. Jill then greets the child and notices the car pulled out of her driveway.

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The mom told her daughter’s friend that she hoped she could speak to her dad, who she assumed was the man who had just driven away. The friend informed Jill the man in the car wasn’t her dad, and her actual parents sent her to Jill’s house in an Uber after never meeting nor speaking to her beforehand.

“They sent her to a stranger’s house to spend the night in an Uber,” a stunned Jill said. “With a strange man that they knew nothing about.”

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Jill’s TikTok commenters were equally disgusted by the child’s parents’ behavior.

Jill’s TikTok began with a stitch from radio host A.J. of the Afternoon asking other TikTokers to give examples of what “trashy parenting” means to them. Jill used her child’s friend's parents’ Uber idea as her example, and we must agree.

While Uber has ways to ensure teens are safe to travel with the rideshare service, there’s no guarantee that the person driving them has the child’s best intentions.

And because the parents don’t know how to contact Jill, they cannot see if she’s safe for their child to be around. Thankfully, Jill’s 43-second TikTok makes her appear normal, but by not doing their homework, the child’s parents’ neglect could’ve resulted in their child being hurt. Or worse.

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The parents’ perceived lack of care for their teenager didn’t sit well with many other parents and concerned adults. Several users said they would never behave like the “trashy parents” Jill mentioned, even if it meant they looked “lame” to their kids. Additionally, some parents shared how many of their kids’ friends’ parents have normalized not meeting them before having their child stay over.

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“I’m the mom who will not even allow sleepovers,” one parent said. “I cannot imagine this!!”

“My son’s friend has been spending the night pretty often over the past two years… I still have not met his parents,” another shared.

“I’m 24, and I won’t even take an Uber by myself?” one commenter noted. “My mom was the mom who came in the house and sat down to have a conversation with the other parent.” What are your thought?

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