Woman's $455 Target Haul Sparks a Shopping Frenzy – Here's What She Got!

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Dec. 4 2023, Published 4:52 p.m. ET

TikToker @hiker.trash.lady revealed what spent $455 on at Target.
Source: TikTok / @hiker.trash.lady

Admit it — we all venture into Target with a laser focus on a single item, end up splurging well over $100, and walk out with everything except what we originally came for. The mystery behind this shopping escapade remains elusive, but hey, it looks like our Target trips are destined to be an epic quest of financial detours!

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On a related note, TikTok creator Madison (@hiker.trash.lady) recently shared that two bags of Target goodies left her wallet sobbing with a jaw-dropping bill of $455. OK, what in the world did she buy?! Keep scrolling to find out!

Target store exterior.
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A woman revealed what she bought after spending $455 at Target.

In the first video, posted on Nov. 16, 2023, Madison asked her followers, "Do you wanna know what $455 at Target looks like?" She proceeded to extend her arm toward the passenger side seat and unveiled two plastic bags to the camera: "That's it," she said before the video ended.

Prompted by a comment asking about the contents of the bags, Madison responded with a second video revealing and showcasing everything she purchased during her trip to Target!

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"I don't know why anyone is interested in what I bought at Target, but sure, I'll show you," she said. "Here's the thing, you gotta remember: I'm about to be on a boat for four months. So that means I have to have enough of the brands that I like to get me through four months because I'm not gonna find them in Costa Rica. OK?"

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Without further do, here is Madison's highly anticipated Target haul:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Biofreeze (specifically the roll-on)
  • Spray so her shoes don't smell bad
  • A normal and travel-size bottle of dry shampoo
  • Body wash
  • Deodorant: "Old Spice or bust."
  • Aquaphor
  • Sunscreen
  • Advil: "They do provide us with Advil on the boat, but sometimes it's f------ hard to come by, so I always take my own just in case."
  • Vitamin C serum, moisturizer, and mascara — "They're all Honest Beauty. That's the only skincare I use. I have rosacea and super sensitive skin. You can already see I'm busting out right now."
  • Contact solution eyedrops
  • Antiredness eyedrops: "For when I wear my contacts too long and have to switch back to my glasses."
  • Glasses wipes
  • Liquid IV: "The water on the boat is very dehydrating, and they usually do provide some of that for us. But again, just in case, I like to take some with me."
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  • Topical pain reliever: "This goes in companion with the Biofreeze. It's basically like Advil, but as a gel."
  • Blow dry mist
  • A new razor
  • Bug bite suction tool
  • Air fresheners: "We're in the hull of the ship, and it's dark, and it's musty, and it's humid, and it's just going to be wet for the next four months. ... These also to make my room smell nice."
  • Mighty patches: "F------ love these. None of this is sponsored, by the way, Target. Would you like to sponsor me?"
  • A journal
  • Nail polish: "Because I'm an adult, and I can do whatever I want."
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TikTok users were baffled by Madison's haul.

At the time of writing, Madison's haul video has accumulated over 181,700 views and counting. The video has also received more than 400 comments from TikTokers sharing their disbelief at the rising prices of certain items.

"SO CRAZY that all that was nearly $500!" one person said in the comment section.

A second user pointed out, "No because why are personal care items so damn expensive."

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"Still can’t believe that was $455 !! That’s wild"
Source: TikTok

"I remember when all of that would’ve cost like $150 max," a third TikToker commented.

Another person shared, "Once I saw the brands of things I was like yeah, $455 makes sense… those Hero patches aren't cheap. Kristen Ess is like $15 a bottle… I get it!"

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"When I saw the skincare brands — I immediately said, 'I get it,'" someone else added.

"I swear, every time I think it'll be cheap it's expensive as hell," a fellow TikTok user responded with a crying laughing emoji, "but every time I think it's expensive I'm proven wrong."

"So you will be gone for four months and bought supplies…so a little over a hundred a month. Seems about normal 🎯"
Source: TikTok

"I'm gonna be honest, I thought you were totally lying," wrote another TikToker. "But I went through and added each thing to my Target cart, and damn... s---- expensive." Say it louder for the people in the back, please!

What do you think about Madison's expensive Target haul? Let us know!

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