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People Are Learning About Their Partners' Work Personalities During Quarantine



Most people have a "work persona." When you step into your office, you suddenly become a beacon of professionalism and a corporate jargon wordsmith. But this is the side of you that your partner rarely sees. That is, unless you are now quarantined together during a global pandemic. And guess what? We all are.

Laura Norkin took to Twitter to share how she had no idea that she was married to the type of guy who says, "Let's circle back," until she was stuck at home with him while he worked. Then plenty of other people jumped in to share the shocking things they're learning about their partners' work personalities.

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I don't even know what you do in a situation like this. Do you divorce him? Do you scrub your ears with soap and hope you never hear it again? Do you rush to put on your noise-cancelling headphones every time he starts a Zoom meeting? Knowing that you are married to a "let's circle back" guy is a truly life-altering news.

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His wife is the "one more question" person at the end of meetings. That means his wife is the person that everyone else rolls their eyes at as they're trying to escape to lunch. This can't be easy to digest.

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The corporate jargon thing is truly hysterical. Why did we decide that we should use nonsense phrases in office settings to seem cooler and more professional? It really just makes us sound extremely silly. We should come together and agree to never use phrases like "let's table this" ever again. 

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Heck yeah. This is the best discovery you could make about your partner's work personality. If he was the opposite guy, the one who constantly interrupted Laura and took credit for her ideas, that would be grounds for divorce. Seriously.

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Yikes. Story time: My dad 100 percent has a "phone voice" that equates to his work voice, and it's the funniest thing ever. My whole family makes fun of him for it. He always answers a work phone call an octave lower than his speaking voice with, "Yeah hi." It's hilarious. And so weird.

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I don't know what it is about dudes and work, but many of them seem to be totally capable of handling themselves in professional situations even if they're hopeless in their social life. I suppose this is true for some women too, but for men, it really seems like they craft entirely different personas for work.

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Um, this is awkward, but is your wife married? Because I've fallen in love with her just from knowing this single solitary fact about her. Her "screw process" attitude is particularly appreciated during a quarantine when literally all rules have flown the coop. She should be in charge of all business from now on.

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Work voices are precious. Also, the visual of a grown man sitting on the floor of a closet to take a work phone call is giving me life right now. I know this is probably not the case, but I'm picturing him in a suit, with a loosened tie and rolled-up sleeves, sitting on the floor like a child. 

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It's so weird how some people can just turn it on and be a completely different person when they're on work time. I am so not that person. I'm my same messy self at home and on the clock. 

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Oh no. A two-screen guy? Is he a gamer? Who actually needs two screens? Does he just like to take up lots of space? I have a feeling that quarantine is going to seem very long for Emma May. 

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