Passengers Who Were 20 Minutes Late to Boarding Watch Cruise Ship Leave Them Behind

Kelly Corbett - Author

Dec. 11 2023, Updated 4:39 p.m. ET

tiktok user @alexisb639
Source: tiktok / @alexisb639

Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and not at all stressful. But unfortunately, more often than not, you can find yourself in a pressure-inducing situation. For example, maybe you got scammed into buying something without understanding all the details and now you're SOL. Or you bought tickets for a cruise and you need to be ready to board at a certain time.

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But what happens if you're running late and said cruise ship leaves you behind? Some passengers unfortunately learned that the hard way as shown in a TikTok video. This is just one of many videos of late cruise ship passengers being left behind in the port city.

princess cruise ship docked on a clear day
Source: getty images
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Woman arrives at the port 20 minutes late to watch the cruise ship leave her behind.

A TikTok user named Alexis took to the platform to share a video of her watching her cruise ship leave without her. "When you miss your cruise by 20 minutes," she wrote in the video filmed from a parking lot.

Alongside her, there appear to be several other passengers who are in the same boat as her — late and absolutely regretting it. In fact, one woman is audibly sobbing into her luggage, clearly upset that she didn't get on board.

Another person, who can't be seen, but can be heard appears to be on the phone speaking with customer service in an attempt to get their money back.

It's a sad scene to see especially knowing that these folks already put out the money just to watch the ship leave without them.

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In the comment section, users had no sympathy for Alexis or the rest of the tardy posse. "One thing that cruise ship is gonna leave ON time," wrote one user.

"I don’t understand how people do this I’d be out there an hour early lol," wrote a second user.

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And while Alexis claimed that she was twenty minutes late to boarding, many users didn't seem to buy that, commenting that cruise ships usually have a boarding period that spans several hours. "Hard to miss a cruise boarding," read one comment. "They start boarding around 11 a.m. and don’t leave until around 4 p.m."

One user suggested that Alexis was probably 20 minutes late for the ship's departure and actually missed boarding period completely.

tiktok comment cruise ship boarding
Source: tiktok
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Meanwhile, other commenters seemed entertained by the woman in Alexis's video who was hysterically crying over missing the cruise.

"LMFAOO I’m sorry the sobbing has me hollering," read one comment.

"She needed that vacation bad! That cry," said another.

tiktok user @alexisb639
Source: tiktok / @alexisb639
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In a follow-up TikTok video, Alexis provided more details on why she was late. "Flagstaff Airport screwed up the flight. [I] had to get to the next flight to LAX. [I] had to be at the port by 2 p.m., [but] with traffic, [we] got there at 2:20 p.m.," she wrote in a video.

Several users sailed into the comments to tell her that when taking a cruise, you should always fly in the day before.

tiktok comments missed cruise
Source: tiktok
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But despite all the flack Alexis received for missing her cruise, she did receive some positive news. In a third TikTok video, she shared that she received a full refund for her flight, cruise, and all other expenses, though it required several hours on the phone.

"I learned my lesson and will fly in a day or two early next time," she wrote in the video's text. "Have a blessed day and happy holidays."

We're glad Alexis got her money back, but her experience also serves as a reminder to everyone that cruise ships adhere to strict departure times.

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