"It Was so Terrifying" — Woman Reveals Two Guys Tried to Break Into Her Hotel Room

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Jun. 26 2023, Published 5:40 p.m. ET

TikTok user @aliciamaeholloway opened up about the time two people tried to break into her hotel room.
Source: TikTok / @aliciamaeholloway

In today's modern age, it's still absolutely terrifying to be a woman — why is that? Well, women constantly have to worry about their safety, especially when going out alone. They must be aware of their surroundings and always carry some sort of self-defense product, whether it's pepper spray or a key ring.

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In TikTok user @aliciamaeholloway's case, she didn't have either of those with her when two people tried to break into her hotel room — and it's safe to say she was terrified. Read on for Alicia's story.

suitcase open by bed in hotel room
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A woman revealed that two guys tried to break into her hotel room.

In a text overlay of the viral video, which has amassed over 1.3 million views on TikTok, the TikToker wrote, "Someone tried to break into my hotel room this weekend in Rochester, N.Y." She started off by saying she was judging a dance competition in Rochester, and after it ended, she went up to her hotel room and two guys tried to break in.

Alicia said she was FaceTiming with her boyfriend when they heard a "massive thud" on her hotel room door. He asked what happened, and she told him it "sounded like someone threw their entire body into my door." A few seconds later, someone started yanking on the handle and "slamming their body" against the door to try and open it.

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"For a little over five minutes, [the intruders] were talking back and forth really rapidly," Alicia recalled. "It was unclear what they were saying, I couldn't tell if they were drunk or foreign, but they were slamming the door ... trying to get in my room. It was hands down the most terrifying five minutes of my entire life."

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Alicia eventually called 911, and while they were on their way, she also reached out to one of her fellow judges, Tristan, and told him what was happening. Thirty seconds before the police and Tristan arrived, Alicia heard the two guys run away. As she cried, she wondered if the two guys were drunk and tried to get into the wrong room. However, she soon realized that "there's no way that's the case when they were knocking and banging on the door so aggressively."

Alicia ended the video by claiming the situation "got even more terrifying" once the police arrived. Luckily, in a follow-up video, she explained why it got more frightening — they asked if she had a stalker.

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TikTok comment under video about woman's hotel being nearly broken into by two men
Source: TikTok /@liannjones1

"When I tell y'all that my whole world just crumbled; I just had the most terrifying feeling," she said. "My first thought was, 'Oh my god, I literally posted a video earlier that day saying I was judging a dance competition in Rochester.'"

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Alicia also noted that her encounter with the police was scary because there were no cameras. She recalled the front desk woman telling her that the hotel didn't have cameras in the hallways, which really freaked her out.

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"'It's 2023, how do you not have cameras?' and she was like, 'It's for the guests' privacy.' I understand, obviously in the rooms there shouldn't be hotel cameras, but [there should be in the hallway]," Alicia said. "It's 2023, Holiday Inn needs to get with the program."

She added, "The amount of paranoia I felt was truthfully insane."

woman on tiktok says guys tried to break into her hotel room, commenters reply
Source: TikTok /@karenheart44

As expected, many fellow TikTokers took to the comment sections of both videos to express how sorry they were that Alicia had to experience something so traumatizing. Many also said they were grateful to know she's OK.

Please, stay safe out there, everyone.

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