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Source: iStock Photo

Women Kept Her Entire Personal Life Secret from Work Friends for 9 Years


Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?" is full of fascinating human problems, and this one is actually quite interesting. There is no doubt that office culture has gotten out of hand these days. Companies expect employees to give all their time and energy to their job. They call their teams of workers "families" and expect you to willingly devote much of your personal effort to making everyone at work feel like you want to be there and want to get to know everyone and be chummy.

So I totally understand the impulse to push back on that. Why can't you just show up, do your job, and go home anymore? Why isn't that enough? Why do you have to talk about yourself to the people you work with? In most if not all industries, being open about your personal life isn't going to make your work better. So why do it at all?

Source: iStock Photo