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Quarantine Is Revealing Our Partners Have Habits We Didn't Realize We Hate



Many people have been stuck with their partners in close quarters for going on two months now. And no matter how much you love a person, this situation isn't easy. You're going to get annoyed by some of the little things your partner does. Writer Lizzie O'Leary asked people to share the petty complaints people have about their partners in quarantine. If you are stuck in a house with someone you care deeply about, this thread is probably way too relatable.

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Lizzie shares that she notoriously leaves her tea mug on the kitchen counter. "My husband, on the other hand, is incapable of pushing in his chair after leaving the table," she writes. 

Walks too heavily

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I don't quite understand how one walks too heavily. Is this person stomping all over the place? Dragging their feet? This is hard to complain about. 

Cleans too quickly

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Oh no! Your partner cleans up your mess "before you have a chance to clean it up" yourself, aka probably after it's been sitting out for hours and she simply can't take it anymore.  

Chews food

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This person isn't complaining that their partner chews loudly or with their mouth open. No. This person can't stand that their partner chews food. Period. Why can't they swallow everything whole for love?!

Breathes like that

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The problem is that now he's going to become so self-conscious of his breathing that it's only going to get worse, and then neither of them will be able to take it anymore. I think they might have to stop sharing an office.

Leaves cheese wrappers everywhere

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Is it just cheese wrappers? Everything else, he has no problem throwing in the trash? Why are some people like this? What is the mental block? I don't understand. He's in the kitchen. There's probably a trash can right there

Opens pretzels

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Is it the opening of the bag or the eating of the pretzels that she can't stand? Does he crinkle it extra loudly? Is it a certain pretzel brand? Are pretzel bags worse than other bags? I have so many questions. 

Doesn't reset the microwave

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This is definitely a pet peeve of anyone with a soul. It's a compulsion of mine to reset the microwave if I stop it before the countdown. I can't relax if I know "0:07" is still flashing on the screen. 

Slices up lemon for no reason

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This one... I have no words. It's truly baffling. Why would one take out a knife and a cutting board and slice up an entire lemon if you have no intention of using it? It's madness! Do you know how quickly they dry out once they're cut open?! 

Won't remove toilet paper roll

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I feel like this is an elaborate troll job. No one does this. I've heard of people not changing the toilet paper roll at all and leaving the next person with no toilet paper, but this woman goes through the trouble of replacing the roll, yet can't toss the old cardboard into the recycling? Psychotic.

Loads dishwasher incorrectly

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It might be a cliché, but it's true: There is a correct way to load the dishwasher, and if you do it wrong, you're a monster. 

Plays an airplane landing game

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Oh, I hate this! High-pitched beeps are never good! Those are the sounds of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. So much anxiety gets triggered with an high-pitched beep. It's time to invest in some headphones.

Mumbles across the apartment


This is starting to happen in my apartment. It's getting very hot where we are, so we have the window unit air conditioners on, and when they're going, neither of us can hear a thing the other is saying. It will either save us or destroy us.

Gets sourdough starter everywhere


How does this happen? I know you have to discard some of the starter every day, but shouldn't it go either straight into the trash or into another baking project? Where is he flinging this stuff?!

Asks what their partner did today


Oh ho ho, I would not take kindly to this question. Obviously, the answer is, "You know exactly what I did today. You were there the entire time." As if I need another reminder that we're stuck at home together 24/7. Thanks a lot.

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