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13 Extreme Pickle-Themed Snacks You'll Either Crave or Hate


Pickles are one of the more divisive, love-em-or-hate-em foods in the culinary world. People have strong opinions about kosher dill vs. sweet or bread and butter, and while some people won't touch either briney cucumber snack with a 10-foot pole, others are so gaga for gherkins they're trying to work them into literally every snack available on Earth. But I think all but the most evangelical pickle lover can agree these pickle snacks might be taking things a bit too far.

1. Chocolate-covered pickles

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Malley's is a Cleveland-based chocolatier that is well-known for their milk-chocolate covered dill pickle spears, which they sell four to a box for $9.95 — while supplies last. And this implies that supplies do not last long at all. How, I ask you? Numerous blogs have tried this unusual flavor combination and a few assure that it actually makes sense because salt and chocolate go so well together. Sure, but pickles aren't primarily salt flavored. They're dill and vinegar flavored. Also, just imagining the texture of this is enough to kill my appetite for the foreseeable future.