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Is the Pillars Estate in 'Ghost Hunters' Really Haunted? (EXCLUSIVE)


Mustafa Gatollari is the paranormal historian and site analyst on the Ghost Hunters reboot, and he will be blogging about the show's paranormal investigations each week exclusively for Distractify! Follow Mustafa on Instagram at @mgatollari

Before we start this thing I have to always say that even though I'm a member of the Ghost Hunters team not all of my thoughts, musings, commentary, testimonials, or weird sounds my body may involuntarily make necessarily represent the GH team, Pilgrim Studios, or A&E TV.

OK, now that we got that out of the way: the Pillars Estate in Albion, New York. Just from a visual stand point, this place is a paranormal investigator's dream come true.

It looks like the spooky house of old in the "before" pictures of a movie about a bunch of brave pre-teens who venture into the place on the block everyone knows has a gnarly reputation. The thing is, the home's owner, Tony, was a man who made that pristine "before" photo of said home, into a present reality.

A successful businessman from Scotland, he absolutely fell in love with the Pillars Estate, which is one of the oldest homes in the country, and began renovating it to look like it would in its glory days.