Here's How to Conquer the 'Pokémon Snap' Event in 'Pokemon GO'

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Apr. 29 2021, Updated 4:40 p.m. ET

Pokémon Snap event in 'Pokémon GO!'
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While plenty of "real" gamers are quick to deride mobile gaming, it's hard to deny that there are some legitimate titles released for handheld OS platforms that are really, really good. For example, there are a large number of Fortnite players who regularly engage with the battle royale title on iOS and Android. But there are also dedicated mobile titles out there going strong, like Pokémon GO, which can attribute a lot of its success to events like the recent Pokémon Snap.

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What is the 'Pokémon Snap' event in 'Pokémon GO'?

If you're an OG Nintendo 64 gamer, then you'll probably remember the Pokémon title that took a bit of a different spin on the tried-and-true monster fighting Game Boy series.

Nintendo seemed intent on keeping massive Pokémon adventures off of major consoles for a long time, but they still wanted to capitalize on the popularity of the series for its flagship system.

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Pokémon Stadium was a sort of add-on for Game Boy Pokémon players who just so happened to have a Nintendo 64 as well. It didn't feature a fleshed-out World Map like the Game Boy games did, nor did it have a lot of fun side-quests or even the ability to capture Pokémon while traversing new lands and traveling to different gyms. 

This was kind of a letdown for Pokémon fans who basically wanted a Nintendo 64 version of their beloved Game Boy game.

Pokémon Snap was another big console title that wasn't an RPG, but rather an inventive foray in the Pokémon universe that turned you into a NatGeo-style photographer of Pokémon. It was a smash success for Nintendo and its legacy lives on today with both a Pokémon Snap game and the Snap event for Pokémon GO.

If you complete all of the challenge requirements for the Pokémon Snap event, then you'l be awarded with a shiny Smeargle.

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There are a total of four quests to complete. Here's what you'll have to do to ensure that shiny Smeargle is yours.

Quest 1

  • Take a snapshot of a Lotad, Aipom, or Metapod in the wild for a reward of five PokéBalls.
  • Use three berries to assist in catching a Pokémon to encounter Bunnelby.
  • Take three snapshots of wild Pokémon for an encounter with Meowth.

Upon completing all of these challenges, you will receive 750 XP, five Nanab Berries, and an encounter with Dodrio.

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Quest 2

  • Take a snapshot of Sandshrew, Trapinch, or Cacnea in the wild for a reward of 10 PokéBalls.
  • Use five berries to assist in catching a Pokémon to encounter Sandshrew.
  • Take three snapshots of ground Pokémon in the wild for an encounter with Onix.

After you complete these challenges, you will receive 1250 XP, five Razz berries, and an encounter with Skamory.

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Quest 3

  • Take a snapshot of Duckett, Finneon, or Chinchou in the wild for a reward of 10 Great Balls.
  • Use seven berries to help capture seven Pokémon and you'll encounter Wailmer.
  • Take three snapshots of water Pokémon in the wild for an encounter with Qwilfish.

Upon completing all of these challenges, you will receive 2,000 XP, five Pinap Berries, and an encounter with Mantine.

Quest 4

  • Take 15 snapshots of different wild Pokémon for a reward of 10 Great Balls.
  • Take a snapshot of Skamory, Dodrio, or Mantine in the wild for an encounter with Skorupi.
  • Use five berries to help catch any kind of Pokémon and win 100 Stardust.

Completing all of these challenges will get you 8,000 XP and an encounter with Clamperl.

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Completing all of these 'Pokémon Snap' quests doesn't guarantee you a shiny Smeargle in 'Pokémon GO,' however.

Anyone who's been lucky enough to capture a shiny Pokémon knows how rare of a find they can be. That's why people are very excited for the opportunity to nab a shiny Smeargle. Here's how to get one:

You'll have to take snapshots of different Pokémon in your collection and hope that the shiny Smeargle appears in a photobomb.

If he does, then that gives you a chance to catch him in the wild. Smeargle appears up to 15 times a day during the event, which runs for only four days, so you've got 60 chances of catching him.

Plus, if you do, you'll have a greater chance of seeing these Pokémon:

  • Aipom
  • Audino
  • Cacnea
  • Chinchou
  • Dodrio
  • Ducklett
  • Finneon
  • Geodude
  • Hoothoot
  • Lotad
  • Mantine
  • Metapod
  • Sandshrew
  • Skamory
  • Trapinch

Good luck bolstering the size of your Pokédex!

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