Woman Shares Experience at Drinking Party Hosted by Sheriff's Department: "Do Not Drink and Drive"

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Jul. 11 2023, Published 11:59 a.m. ET

If you ever wondered how much alcohol that you, specifically, need to drink in order to be over the legal limit, maybe your local sheriff's department will hold an event to help educate you through practice. At least, that's what happened for one woman on TikTok, Janaysway, whose name is Semiya Janay. She shared a video of a police-hosted drinking party, and if it sounds too good to be true, it actually isn't.

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Semiya shared a video of a five-hour event that she and some friends took part in where they live in Dallas, Texas. The event, held at the police station, was all about awareness and knowing how much to not drink. So yes, Semiya and her friends were encouraged to get drunk. In fact, it looks like that was a requirement for the event. And, uh, where can I sign up for the next one?

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The police hosted a drinking party shared in a viral video.

At the event, attendees were told to give their weight and note if they preferred to be a light or heavy drinker. Then, they were given drinks that they, and the police officers, took a tally of to keep track of how much (or how little) it took to get each participant drunk. They were then told to perform sobriety checks.

But it wasn't all about getting local residents wasted and watching them fail to say the alphabet backwards. The event also served as a way to train new police officers without actually taking them into the field to do it. The drinking party was like a controlled environment where drinking, playing some party games, and hanging out was encouraged.

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During the first hour, the participants had to have two drinks. And apparently, the officers acting as bartenders were generous with the liquor. As shown in the TikTok video, some of those who took part got drunk enough to need to be carried away from the sobriety test area to the tables.

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So yeah, I'd say it was a successful experiment of sorts.

"I'm sure you can already hear it in my voice that I was already getting lit," Semiya says in the video, after sharing a clip from when she finished her second drink. "And when we started drinking, started getting friendly, we was playing games… Basically, you know, we was loose as a goose. Because once that liquor get up in ya, it's over."

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The free event took five hours, and drinking alcohol was mandatory.

After each hour, Semiya and everyone else had to blow into a breathalyzer and the results were recorded. They also had to wait hours to eat before the event until after their first drink. After drinking liquor on an empty stomach, it's a miracle that Semiya or anyone else held it down for the duration of the event, to be honest.

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Because everyone was obligated to remain there for five hours, they were also obligated to continue to drink for that time period. And, according to Semiya, if they were without a drink, they were "called out" by police officers. It's literally the only instance where the police want you to drink to the point of inebriation.

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The point of the police-led event was to bring awareness to drunk driving and it definitely did. But it also made plenty of other TikTok users in the comments ask about when the next event is. Some also commended the department for building "community trust" with the event.

And how could you not want in on some free drinks, potluck-style buffet table of food, and a safe environment for the whole thing? I'll be sending an email to my local sheriff's department ASAP, thank you very much.

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