Woman Goes Off on Popeyes for Being Stingy With Chicken Nuggets

A woman’s evening at Popeyes went horribly wrong after the famous chain gave her a 12-piece chicken nugget meal that looked nothing like the menu.

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jun. 28 2023, Published 12:21 p.m. ET

Gone are the days when a simple letter to a corporate office would be all a business needs to get its act together. Today, many people have found that social media — specifically TikTok — can quickly and effectively get an establishment’s attention.

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Such was the case for one woman who had enough of Popeyes’ mess. In addition to confronting her local restaurant, she shared how they tried to give her scraps instead of a chicken nugget and biscuit meal.

Let’s dive into the cajun-flavored chaos.

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A woman complained of Popeyes being stingy with their fresh chicken nuggets.

If you’ve ever been to Popeyes, you’ll know that the renowned fried chicken chain is known for multiple things. First, there are the biscuits you should never consume without a beverage due to their dryness. Then, you have their delectable sauces, with my personal favorite being the sweet heat that I genuinely believe you can’t recreate.

Another thing Popeyes is known for, according to TikToker Dede Love (@nola.babi.de), is being stingy, ungenerous, inconsiderate, or whatever other word you’d like to use when it comes to their chicken nuggets. In June 2023, Dede took to her TikTok account to show her evening order from the restaurant.

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Dede started the video by stating that she typically doesn’t “go to social media” to discuss her food orders but felt she had no choice but to air out Popeyes’ foolery on her platform.

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While opening the box, Dede showed her followers the 12-piece chicken nugget meal she ordered with a biscuit on the side. As she promised her audience, she didn’t “alter” anything. She showed how dry and feeble the nuggets looked in the box. Dede highlighted one nugget that looked like someone had chewed it. Yuck!

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Understandably, Dede was furious to see her order and felt Popeyes tried to “insult my intelligence” by giving her something she certainly didn’t ask for. Dede said she immediately went back through the drive-thru, which can be a drag, depending on the Popeyes, and told an employee that her order was “unacceptable” and asked for something else.

The drive-thru operator replied that her nuggets were made correctly and refused to give her another option. After “fussing and going back and forth with the man,” Dede asked the employee to bring his manager to the window. Fortunately for her, the manager was more willing to appease her and said the staff would make her another 12-piece nugget. That, my friends, is how you clear a problematic customer service worker!

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Once Dede received her second order, she shared her new batch of nuggets. And chile, the difference in the nuggets was night and day! The sad nuggets were replaced with plump, juicy-looking “real nuggets” that looked identical to the ones Popeyes advertised.

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After Dede’s followers noticed the distinct differences in her food, they agreed Popeyes could be hit or miss. Many shared their own experiences with the restaurant, while others who actually work at Popeyes confirmed the employees definitely tried pulling a fast one on Dede.

“I work at Popeyes, and it takes a few days for nuggets to dry up like THAT 😳,” one employee confessed.

“I always check my food before leaving Popeyes,” another commenter said. “Some days it's so good and fresh — but they will try you sometimes!”

Hopefully, Popeyes employees everywhere will take Dede’s TikTok as a lesson to spend extra time on their famous chicken. Because even in the fast food world, quality beats quantity.

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