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Woman Advises Son to Skip His Twins' Birth to Prevent "Permanent Mental Scarring"



Sometimes, you come across a horrible person, and you wonder how they could possibly be the way that they are. And then, you meet their parents, and it all becomes glaringly obvious. This is that situation embodied in a post on Reddit's "Am I the A-hole?"

OP is the mother of a grown son whose wife is pregnant with twins. The couple is having lots of trouble during the pregnancy, mostly because the father-to-be is an absolute monster who doesn't understand how pregnancy works. 

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According to his mother, her son is "finding it harder and harder to be around" his pregnant wife, "and things got much worse for him when the babies would kick." Evidently, he didn't understand that when a woman becomes pregnant, she actually grows a human child inside her body. 

It's "hard for him" to watch his wife get food cravings and eat a lot (never mind that she is literally eating for three). "When he'd buy healthy food and offer her a gym membership, she would just yell at him," OP writes. Because that's a heinous thing to do to a pregnant woman! She's pregnant! Stop insisting she be skinny!

The grandmother-to-be writes that  her daughter gave birth a few months ago and was back in her "pre-baby clothes" a month later, which "made [her son] feel like his wife was specifically not trying for him." 

I want to get up in their faces and scream. Of course she's not trying for him. She should never have to try for him. Plus, she's growing two humans inside her body. Women's bodies react totally differently to pregnancy, and she's carrying twins. This whole family is clearly toxic. 

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Although OP claims that her son "never cheated," he has been texting other women, his colleagues. She claims his wife "picks fights" about that as if that's not an extremely valid thing to pick fights about. Jesus. 

Eventually, he and his wife had a big blow-out fight. He admitted the babies kicking turned him off, and flipped out. Can you imagine your husband telling you, the person pregnant with your twins, that your babies kicking are a "turn off"? What world does he live in? Women don't exist to turn you on. Not even your wife. 

Two days after their huge fight, his mother-in-law called to say his wife had gone into labor. This is when it becomes clear as day that this dude inherited his horrible character from his mother. 

She writes, "My son was contemplating whether he should be in the delivery room but I as a woman know that men get traumatized when seeing the baby come out... So I told him to stay away and to make it up to her when she's out of the hospital."

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I don't know what century this woman thinks we're living in, but any man who is not there for his wife in the delivery room and can't "handle" seeing her give birth is a baby. And not the cute kind that get delivered in delivery rooms.

Anyway, he stayed out of the delivery room, and now his wife refuses to let him or his family meet her newborn daughters. OP sees this as an injustice. She believes she prevented her son from "permanent mental scarring" that would have "further hurt their marriage."

She doesn't seem to get that what her son is "going through" while his wife is pregnant is literally nothing. Period. But it's also literally nothing compared to what his wife is experiencing. She needs an equal partner to support her unconditionally and love her. Her son is not doing that.

Perhaps the best summation of this post from this truly wicked MIL comes from Jessika Stocker on Twitter: "My DIL had the nerve to get big while growing two humans inside her. My angel son didn’t cheat. He’s my hero. I told him to let that cow push those babies out on her own." Pure evil. 

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This post is so bad all-around that commenters had trouble believing it was for real. "This is a joke right?" one person wrote. "I lost it at your son trying to give his wife, who was pregnant with TWINS, a gym membership as if she was fat and not, you know, growing two f--king humans. YTA and so is your son. Frankly, I hope she divorces him because she deserves so much better."

"This is too creepy and messed up to be real," someone else wrote. "And if, by some horrible chance, it is real, YTA so freaking hard. You and your son need to get yourselves into therapy immediately, pandemic be damned because you are both in desperate need of some perspective about how dysfunctional you both are." Amen to that.

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