The Audacity! Man Says Pregnant Dinner Guest Threw Away His Steak Because Smell Nauseated Her

A man on Reddit shared that his brother's pregnant girlfriend threw away his steak, and folks believe that he handled the situation in the right way.

Tatayana Yomary - Author

Jun. 13 2023, Published 5:22 p.m. ET

Baby … it’s safe to say that there is a 75 percent clearance sale on audacity!

Picture it: Out of the kindness of your heart, you decide to open your home and share a meal with someone. You expect the meal to go well and be accompanied by a thought-provoking conversation.

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However, you find that not only does your meal not go well, but one of your guests also decides to throw out your food. Yes, you read that correctly.

Obviously, this can be a deal breaker. And one man on Reddit has told his tale of what happened when his brother's pregnant girlfriend threw away this steak because the smell bothered her. Here’s the 4-1-1 on the situation.

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A Reddit user shared that his brother’s girlfriend threw away his freshly cooked steak, so he kicked them both out of his home.

Criminally offensive side-eye! On Reddit’s “Am I the A------” (AITA) forum, a user shared that he threw his brother and his pregnant girlfriend out of his home after she threw away his steak.

The man shared that his brother’s girlfriend is currently four months pregnant. His brother asked if he and his pregnant girlfriend could come to the Reddit user’s home to have dinner and catch up. Of course, the Reddit user obliged.

Once the pregnant woman entered the home, she started to complain about the smell of the steak. Although the user offered an alternative, she was committed to having Chinese food, which the brother left to go and pick up.

Unfortunately, once the user went to the bathroom and came back, he was shocked to see what the girlfriend did.

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“I caught her throwing my unfinished steak into the garbage. I asked her what the h--- she was doing and [she] said the smell was so strong she thought she'd end up throwing up on the floor and she needed to get rid of it. And then, she started spraying perfume from her purse in my kitchen,” the user shared.

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The user said that once his brother returned from picking up the Chinese food, he kicked them both out of his home. While his brother tried to reason with him, he wouldn’t budge. Making matters worse, the user’s parents — who his brother and pregnant girlfriend live with — chewed him out over throwing the couple out.

“They said that I shouldn't have yelled at her or kicked them out as she's still just a teenager who's now getting influenced by her pregnancy hormones. And that my outburst also caused problems in their relationship as she ended up sending my brother to sleep on the couch that night (even though he defended her as well against me, so I have no clue how this is my fault),” the user shared before asking, "AITA?"

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Reddit users agree with how the user handled the situation.

Although most folks are sympathetic to pregnant women and the hormones they go through, the consensus among the commenters is that her hormones should not have caused her to throw away the man’s steak. After all, she was a guest in his home and should have behaved as such.

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“NTA [not the a------]. I’m pregnant too. My sense of smell is definitely heightened. I would never dream of throwing away someone else’s food. If I had that much of a problem with it, I’d leave. Yes, she’s a teenager, but if she’s mature enough to have a child, she’s mature enough to know you don’t go into someone else’s house and throw away their food,” one commenter shared.

“NTA. I can completely understand the smell being too much for her, I was like that when I was pregnant. But the solution was for her to leave. Throwing away someone else’s food was way over the line,” another person chimed in.

Folks have to understand that just because you’re going through something with your health, it doesn't give you the green light to disrespect someone in their own home.

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Not to mention the fact that the user’s parents are picking up for the couple is also a problem. The couple are not children having a baby, they’re adults. So, there should be no issue with respecting someone’s home.

Plus, I don’t think folks consider how expensive a tasty piece of steak is these days. As a result, Reddit commenters believe that the user is owed an apology.

What do you think? Are the Redditor’s brother and his pregnant girlfriend wrong?

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