"I'm Already Scared" — Woman Says Previous Owners of Her New House Continually Break In

Influencer Jaci Marie on TikTok says the previous owners of her new home have been caught breaking in and trespassing. Details here.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Oct. 10 2023, Published 6:42 p.m. ET

When I was 10 years old, I moved from my old childhood home to a completely different neighborhood. At the time, I'd already come to know my old house as my de facto home and couldn't fathom doing the same for another one. At my young age, I asked my mom if we could pay some visits to our old home sometimes just to make sure it was OK. She told me that it wouldn't be right for us to visit because the house was no longer ours. I learned my bittersweet lesson right then and never really pressed the issue again.

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To reiterate, I was a child when I learned that. But evidently, some adults can't be bothered to keep the same lesson in mind. As influencer Jaci Marie reported on TikTok, her move into a new house has had more than a few hiccups, thanks in no small part to the previous owners breaking in. She shares the shocking details on her platform.

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This woman contends with the previous owners of her new home who keep visiting and breaking in.

In her TikTok post from early October 2023, Jaci revealed that she'd just bought a house and had moved in with her boyfriend Leif. If you've been following her social media, you'll already know that she's incredibly excited about the move and hasn't been shy in discussing how much renovation she plans on doing.

But while this has been one of her goals with Leif, it hasn't been completely rosy. In fact, the husband and wife who previously owned the house have had an incredibly difficult time letting go of the house to begin with, as Jaci revealed in her TikTok.

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"[The previous owners] were very attached to their house," Jaci explained. "They love it so much [and] they were really sad to sell it."

To that end, they'd been behaving strangely about the move from early on. They'd reportedly been present whenever Jaci met with a contractor to discuss renovations they wanted to make to the house. They even kept requesting that they don't make certain changes, which isn't exactly in your right to do for a house that will no longer be yours.

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As if that weren't bad enough, the wife was apparently sobbing at one point throughout the purchase process.

"The wife is totally guilt-tripping me the whole time," Jaci claimed.

It got to the point where the real estate agent offered to get the keys from the couple and hand them to Jaci just so they wouldn't have to interact again.

Of course, that isn't the end of the story.

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The husband made multiple visits to the house and kept offering tools for their renovations. He reportedly also did all this while continually insisting that they make no changes to the house.

And naturally, the visits got out of hand.

At one point, Jaci and Leif returned to the house to see that the side entrance was open despite the fact that they were sure that they had locked it.

Lo and behold, the husband had broken in using an extra set of keys he still had to offer more tools. He even admitted to having visited a few nights prior to "put out the trash cans" and even took recorded video of the inside of the house "for memories."

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And if you thought that was the end of it, you sorely underestimate how attached this couple is to their house. According to Jaci, the husband has been in contact with the real estate agent who revealed that he's requested Jaci's phone number for direct contact. He's even driven up to the house on multiple occasions while still insisting that they keep the house the same.

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The entire situation has made Jaci incredibly anxious over how far the previous owners are willing to go.

"Every time I see the car that he has [or] every time I see something driving by, I'm like, 'Is he coming over?'"

Jaci has promised to provide updates, but has since posted videos of her and Leif participating in some of the renovations.

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