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Just like 'The Crown' Depicts, Prince Philip's Mother Received Therapy From Sigmund Freud


Season 2 of The Crown has already touched on the difficult topic of Prince Philip's upbringing. 

While regular viewers might remember his struggle to fit in at school and years-long grappling with his family heritage — his sisters were married to prominent members of the Nazi party — his relationship with his mother remained relatively unexplored thus far. 

Needless to say, Season 3 of The Crown packed a punch. 

Ready to find out more about Prince Philip's mother

Prince Philip's mother is a lesser-talked about figure. 

While "Paterfamilias" shed light on Prince Philip's closely-knit relationship with his sister, Cecile, "Bubbikins," "Coup," and "Moondust" plunge us into the darker side of his family life. 

As the episodes reveal, Prince Philip's mother was a humanitarian who sheltered Jewish refugees during WWII, and a devout Greek Orthodox Christian. However, her life's work was hardly recognized by the Royal Family — for a very specific reason.