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Source: Netflix

Queen Elizabeth Really Likes 'The Crown' — but She Might Be the Only Royal Who Does


Netflix's The Crown gives those who are too fascinated with the royal family, in general, another look into their lives — in a dramatized fashion, of course. The series follows the life of Queen Elizabeth herself, from her father's untimely death to now, and the third season is set to air soon. 

But what is it like to have your whole life played out on television and be alive for it? Well, just ask the queen, who's actually watched the show.

Yes, that's right — Queen Elizabeth has actually sat down and watched The Crown. We can't imagine what that experience must be like, especially because this whole series is being produced and she's not in on any of the production, meaning she doesn't know how they're going to portray her until the season airs.

So, what does the matriarch of the royal family think of The Crown?