The Royal Family Is Facing Another Allegation of Photoshop Over a Recent Photo

Prince William has been accused of appearing in yet another doctored photo to celebrate his birthday.


Jun. 21 2024, Published 10:27 a.m. ET

A photo of Prince William and his kids jumping over a sand dune.
Source: Instagram/@princeandprincessofwales

No matter what they do, the British Royal Family understand that they are going to face a great deal of scrutiny. It comes with the territory of being wealthy and famous entirely because of who your dad is. Following months of speculation over Kate Middleton because of a photo of her that was clearly edited, we learned that the Princess of Wales has cancer.

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Now, another photo of a royal family member has surfaced. This time, it's Prince William and his three children appearing to hop over a sand dune. Some online are a little suspicious of this photo's veracity, though, and are making their opinions known.

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their three kids a the trouping of the colour in 2024.
Source: Getty Images
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A birthday picture of Prince William with his kids has raised alarm bells.

In a photo apparently taken by Kate in Norfolk in May of 2024, Prince William can be seen holding hands with his three children as they all jump over a sand dune together. The photo itself is quite spectacular, as all four children are in the air after having cleared a bush on the other side of the dune.

"Happy birthday Papa, we all love you so much," the caption under the photo reads.

While many people shared appreciative comments or their own amazement at the photo, others suggested that it had been Photoshopped to misrepresent how amazing the moment actually was. Some think that the photo of William and the kids jumping is real, but it was grafted onto the beach location, while others suspect that the photo was manipulated in other ways.

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While the manipulation of Kate's Mother's Day photo made sense as the family was attempting to keep Kate's condition a secret, it's unclear why exactly they would have gone to the trouble of manipulating the photo to mislead people. William's health is not in question, so the only real explanation would be that they wanted to make the photo or the moment seem more impressive than it actually was.

Source: Instagram/@princeandprincessofwales
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It's also possible that the editing was done to conceal whatever object the four of them were originally jumping over, perhaps because it was a private space that they don't want to reveal to the public. If you examine the photo closely, it does appear to have been edited, but it's not as if the royal family are the only people who edit their photos before they post them on Instagram.

Are their editing jobs perhaps a little extreme? Sure, and they do often mislead people about where their photos were taken or exactly what was happening when they were taken. Ultimately, though, that photo editing is a relatively small issue with the royal family and the way they conduct their business.

If you have a principled stance of opposition against the royals, that's very understandable. Hopefully, though, you're more focused on their political stances and the amount of tax money they take in than you are on whether or not they're regularly editing their Instagram photos.

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