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Source: Getty Images

The "Revenge Dress" Is One of Princess Diana’s Most Famous Looks, but She Almost Didn’t Wear It


Being a member of the royal family may sound like a dream come true, but in reality, the royals certainly don’t have it easy. We all remember watching Mia Thermopolis struggle to learn all the rules and regulations of royal life, and that was in a fictional movie. In real life, those rules and regulations can take a serious toll.

Princess Diana was one of the first members of the royal family who broke through the polished, public-facing façade and showed us that being a princess does not necessarily guarantee one a “happily ever after.” There were also several occasions where Princess Diana showed us that sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. One of our favorite stories of Princess Diana involves a little black dress. Here’s the story behind Princess Diana’s “Revenge Dress.”