Some People Think Princess Mae Is Going Through a Breakup Following a Recent Post

Princess Mae, an influencer who is also a native Hawaiian, posted something on social media that has fans wondering who she's currently dating.


Aug. 11 2023, Updated 11:19 a.m. ET

Filipino-born influencer Princess Mae has emerged in recent years as a fairly popular content creator. Thanks to content ranging from beauty tips to details about her personal life, Mae has gained a substantial following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Following a recent Instagram post, though, some people want to learn more about who Mae is dating.

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The post suggested that Mae was planning to take some time away from social media, which led some to wonder whether she was going through a breakup, and others to wonder whether there was some other rationale for her decision.

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Who is Princess Mae dating?

Mae's most recent partner is Tony Gaisoa, who she announced last year she was having a baby with. Mae has four children in total. Just recently, Mae and Tony posted a video together on Instagram in which they appear to be secure in their relationship.

After she posted about her social media break, some are wondering whether she and Tony broke up, and some even noticed that she no longer follows him on Instagram.

Following the speculation about her post, though, some fans pointed out that Mae is also a native Hawaiian, so her negative state of mind could be related to the severe wildfires that have broken out in Maui and sadly killed 50 people. While Mae is lives on Oahu, it's easy to imagine that these fires could have an impact on your mental health. More recently, Mae even addressed some of the speculation around her current status.

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Mae said that her break is unrelated to her relationship.

In follow up comments that were posted to her Instagram Story, Mae offered more detail on why she believes she needs a break.

"It has nothing to do with my relationship," she wrote. "I'm healing right now about a lot of things, and it's about time I don't get myself involved with social media. I kept it cute and simple. And me unfollowing my boyfriend has nothing to do with it."

Source: Instagram/@realprincessmae
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"It was an act of emotion because I'm going through a lot," she continued. "I'm still working on me, we all are. 95 percent of y'all laughing and judging me don't even know what someone can be going through, cause y'all in the same predicament."

She then said that people should stop judging her, and suggested that it was none of their business whether she can keep a man or not.

"I'm okay, though... My kids are here and my family. I love everyone around me ... and honestly I'm a very emotional being and the Maui situation just set it off for me," she explained.

She signed off by encouraging her followers to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

While she didn't totally clarify whether she and Tony have broken up, it seems like she's looking for some privacy while she works through the many things she's dealing with. What her post makes clear is that, even if they did break up, that's not the sole reason for her social media break.

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