QT and Myles Are Flirting Their Way Through Season 6 of 'The Circle' (SPOILERS)

Quori-Tyler "QT" Bullock and Myles Reed are quickly becoming our favorite 'The Circle' showmance with their non-stop flirting and heartfelt gestures!

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Apr. 24 2024, Published 3:01 a.m. ET

QT and Myles smiling for their official 'The Circle' Season 6 portraits.
Source: Netflix

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Season 6 of The Circle.

Well, folks, it seems like we've got a new The Circle showmance in our sights! As the sixth season progresses, many of the players are forming strong connections, including Quori-Tyler "QT" Bullock and Myles Reed.

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The duo click almost instantly, forming an alliance and looking out for each other in the game. Things also take a bit of a romantic turn, with the pair constantly flirting.

Fans are obviously rooting for them to get together, so the question remains: Are QT and Myles dating these days? Here's what we know.

Myles and QT, donning all-black outfits, smile during Season 6 of 'The Circle.'
Source: Netflix
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So, are QT and Myles from Season 6 of 'The Circle' dating?

At the time of writing, it's unknown whether QT and Myles are dating. However, a recent development caught the attention of fans.

On April 22, QT took to her Instagram Story and shared that she was on her way to "hang out with someone." Well, that "someone" turned out to be none other than Myles!

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"I got gelato, and look who I'm with," QT said in a video as she panned the camera to show Myles. With a laugh, she remarked, "Yung Mami, and Yung Papi Fuego at it again."

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This is very interesting, don't you think? Now hold on, let's not jump to conclusions — but it's good to know that QT and Myles are on good terms post-filming.

Myles and QT form a close bond in 'The Circle.'

OK, even if QT and Myles aren't dating, their connection is undeniable. As we previously mentioned, they hit it off from the start and even develop a flirtationship.

A notable moment between them occurs when Myles surprises QT by having breakfast sent to her apartment — quite a thoughtful and romantic gesture, wouldn't you agree?

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Their bond deepens even more as they open up about their personal lives. Myles confides in QT about the significance of his aunt and late uncle in his life, essentially acting as his parents. Likewise, QT tells Myles about her mom's battle with breast cancer.

Clearly, Myles and QT's high level of trust allows them to discuss such serious topics with each other openly!

Season 6 of The Circle is now streaming on Netflix.

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