Toya Claimed That Quad Got a DUI on 'Married to Medicine,' but Did She?

Toya encouraged viewers at home to Google Quad's DUI on 'Married to Medicine,' but is there actually any evidence that she got one?


Nov. 6 2023, Published 9:51 a.m. ET

The Gist:

  • During the Season 10 premiere of Married to Medicine, Toya suggested that Quad had been arrested for a DUI and even encouraged fans to Google it.
  • There isn't a recent record of Quad getting arrested for a DUI. So, whatever Toya was talking about left many viewers mystified.
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As you are likely aware if you watch reality TV on a regular basis, people will use almost anything when they're in a fight. During the season 10 premiere of Married to Medicine, Toya did exactly that when arguing with Quad. She suggested that Quad, whose full name is Quadriyyah Webb-Lunceford, got a DUI. In fact, Toya even told viewers at home to Google the information.

If you have seen that episode, then you might have done exactly that. So, is there any evidence that Quad actually got a DUI? What exactly was Toya talking about? Here's what we know.

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Did Quad from 'Married to Medicine' get a DUI?

It's certainly possible that, at some point in her life, Quad has got a DUI. If that did happen, though, it isn't something that has ever been made public on the internet. It seems like whatever may have happened with Quad, any issue with alcohol and a vehicle happened long ago. Toya's insistence that the audience Google "DUI Quadriyyah Webb-Lunceford" was all for naught, at least in terms of helping viewers find information about a DUI.

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It's also possible that Toya was mistaken or simply making the allegation up. As Phaedra says during a confessional, “It’s not OK to put a DUI on a good, Christian woman.” It may not be OK, but it's also just a pretty weird move, all things considered. Whatever the explanation might be for Toya's allegation, it doesn't appear to be readily available on the internet.

Quad has been largely MIA.

In addition to her potential drinking and driving problems, the other reason Quad came up in the Season 10 premiere was because of her absence. Although she's still on the show, several other cast members discussed how absent she was from most of the episode, in large part because she seems to be keeping her distance following the show's most recent reunion special.

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As is the case on any great reality TV show, though, Quad won't be able to stay away from the drama for long. Previews for upcoming episodes suggest that she'll be a part of Lateasha’s bachelorette festivities. Her name is also invoked repeatedly throughout the episode, often by Heavenly, one of the new cast members who joined the show in Season 10.

In just one episode, Heavenly manages to suggest that Quad is sleeping with men who are already in relationships, and that she's a bad cook. All of that is on top of the allegations that she's a reckless driver. Before too long, Quad will need to be a more active participant just to defend her own honor.

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