The Beef Between Quando Rondo and King Von that Led to King Von’s Death

Rapper King Von was killed as a result of a shootout between him and Quando Rondo. What’s the beef that led to the fatal event?

Jamie Lerner - Author

Nov. 6 2020, Updated 9:41 p.m. ET

King Von with no beef towards Quando Rondo
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Chicago-based rapper King Von has passed away at the age of 26, with a shootout between him and fellow rapper Quando Rondo being cited as the reason for his death. It’s unclear whether King Von was shot by Quando Rondo and his group, or by the Atlanta Police Department when they arrived at the scene of the shootout. 

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However, it is believed that there had to be some sort of beef between King Von and Quando Rondo for things to get this out of hand. As more information continues to surface about what actually happened on the evening of Nov. 5 outside the Atlanta club Monaco Hookah Lounge, it’s still pretty unclear as to why this happened to begin with.

Quando Rondo with no beef towards King Von
Source: Getty Images
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King Von and Quando Rondo might have had a beef between them.

While it’s nearly impossible to figure out if King Von and Quando Rondo had beef of their own, they clearly ran in two different circles. King Von was signed with rapper Lil Durk and Quando Rondo recently signed with NBA Youngboy. Because they were so close to these more experienced rappers, it’s possible that the beef between King Von and Quando Rondo was actually tied to their relationships with Lil Durk and Youngboy NBA.

Some believed King Von did have a beef with Youngboy NBA.

The most glaring possible beef between King Von and Quando Rondo’s mentor, Youngboy NBA, is that King Von posted pictures hanging out with Youngboy’s ex-girlfriend, Jania. King Von insisted that they were only making music together, but that still stirred up some drama between the two rappers.

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Source: Instagram

However, on Nov. 5, King Von confirmed that he did not have any beef with Youngboy NBA. He says in his video, “Ain’t no rap beef and ain’t no real beef, unless somebody got shot or something ...” Maybe Quando Rondo and his crew saw that as a challenge, and they wanted to defend Youngboy’s honor. But King Von insisted there was no beef to begin with.

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Quando Rondo had no beef with Lil Durk.

Although King Von may have had some issues with Quando Rondo’s mentor, Youngboy NBA, it seems that beef is not reciprocal. In fact, Quando Rondo has major respect for Lil Durk, and has told Hot New Hip Hop, “[Lil Durk] has music from 2012 that has over a million streams, but people like him don’t get recognized.” Lil Durk was even featured on Quando Rondo’s song, “Otherside.”

King Von has had problems with other rappers.

Most notoriously, King Von had an antagonistic relationship with Tekashi 6ix9ine. King Von, like Tekashi 6ix9ine, was also under heat from the law (in his case, for an alleged murder), but once he got out of jail, he was able to continue his career as a rapper. However, he had zero respect for what Tekashi 6ix9ine did to stay out of prison, and King Von has since then criticized pretty much every move Tekashi makes. Not only that, but he cut out anyone who was associated with him. 

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Source: Twitter

When Akon worked with Tekashi 6ix9ine on "Locked Up, Pt. 2," King Von announced that he lost all respect for Akon. While this may seem harsh, Tekashi 6ix9ine was not even close to being above it all. In fact, after news of King Von’s passing, Tekashi 6ix9ine commented on a post about the rapper’s untimely death with a laughing emoji.

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Source: Twitter

King Von also criticized Nicki Minaj for collaborating with Tekashi 6ix9ine, saying that she sold out and threw away her morals. Nicki Minaj also recently collaborated with Youngboy NBA, Quando Rondo’s mentor, so in a way, this all comes full circle, and it's possible that King Von's beef with Tekashi could be an the underlying factor for his all-too-soon demise.

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