These Memes Depict Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana's Rocky Relationship

Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II didn't have the best relationship ever. These memes highlight just how rocky things were between them.

Stephanie Harper - Author

Sep. 9 2022, Published 10:37 a.m. ET

The relationship between Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II was incredibly complex, to say the least. Diana, the former wife of Prince Charles, passed away in a car crash back in 1997 at the age of 36. It was a devastating moment in history. Queen Elizabeth passed away on Sep. 8, 2022 at the age of 96 after 70 reigning for years.

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Now, people who are curious about the royal family are wondering about Diana and the Queen’s relationship. It's abundantly obvious that they didn't quite get along with one another. These hilarious memes highlight the rocky dynamics between these two members of the royal family.

A warm welcome?

Several Twitter users are posting memes suggesting that the greeting moment between Diana and the Queen will be far from sweet. One person posted a meme making fun of the fact that there most likely won't be a warm welcome.

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Roommates? No way!

The idea of becoming roommates with Diana might be a little too much for the Queen to handle, according to one Twitter user. They posted a picture of an older woman climbing the side of a wall in an attempt to escape her situation. Their caption says, "Queen Elizabeth after hearing Princess Diana will be her roommate in heaven."

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Reincarnation for the win.

One of the most shocking and inappropriate memes comes from a Twitter user who suggests the Queen would rather go to drastic measures than be forced to talk to Diana in heaven. The caption says, "Queen Elizabeth II rushing to get reincarnated into Trisha Paytas' daughter so she doesn't have to talk to Princess Diana."

The video added is a fuzzy clip of someone running as fast as possible.

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A physical altercation.

Historically, heaven has been depicted as a place that's meant to be gentle, peaceful, and relaxed. However, one Twitter user believes heaven might become the backdrop of a physical altercation between Diana and the Queen. They posted an image showcasing how the initial interaction might look –– and it certainly resembles a brawl.

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A true fashionista.

Diana was known to be a true fashion icon during her life. She was always photographed wearing lovely outfits, and she always knew how to keep up with the trends. In fact, Diana was a trendsetter who others did their best to emulate.

Even now, younger celebrities copy Diana's old ways. One Twitter user posted about how Diana would undoubtedly continue being a fashionista if she outlived the Queen and attended her funeral.

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The drama continues to unfold.

One user on Twitter posted a meme suggesting that Diana would be ready to physically throw the Queen off of a metal fighting cage in heaven. In the video, two wrestlers are high above their audience when one suddenly shoves the other straight down.

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A shocking awakening.

If the Queen woke up in heaven and was confronted by Diana, what would her reaction be? One Twitter user posted a meme that suggests the Queen would be absolutely horrified.

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A lot of people find these memes amusing — maybe even Diana herself.

Plenty of people are offended by the memes in circulation right now, while others find them amusing. One Twitter user posted a video of Raven Symone snickering and eating food during a live stream. They added a caption to say that Diana was also probably finding the memes just as amusing from her place in heaven.

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