"Do Not Get Back on My Train Ever Again" — Karen Banned From Riding After Alleged Sickening Rant

A TikToker says a racist Karen unleashed a disgusting rant on other passengers. She was then told to get off the train. Here's what went down.

Melissa Willets - Author

Jul. 12 2023, Updated 2:12 p.m. ET

Another day, another entitled, stomach-churning racist Karen to contend with.

This time, a TikTok creator, who shares content using the handle @mrwa043, captured the aftermath of a fellow train passenger's alleged sickening rant.

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Enough eye-witnesses apparently reported this lady's bad behavior that she was told to leave the train — and never come back. Here's exactly how the deeply troubling situation played out.

The alleged racist Karen lashed out unprovoked, according to a TikTok creator.

"This lady verbally attacked my mother and I on the train to Hartford yesterday evening," the TikTok creator captioned her video, which starts out with the Karen waving her hand at being filmed, and is entitled, "Hijabis verbally attacked on train."

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"We were sitting next to each other, minding our business, when this lady got on the train and sat next to us," the creator went on to explain in her caption. "As she took her seat, she looked at us and started shouting how Obama’s to blame for letting foreign exchange students into this country."

The creator continued about the racist Karen, "She made comments on how, in her opinion, they overstay their visas and don’t have a right in this country. She blamed law enforcement for not checking up on the status of 'these illegal people.' That’s when my mom mother turned to me and asked me 'does she think we’re students?'"

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The creator tried to laugh off the lady's "ignorant commentary."

But as the creator recounted, the woman "became increasingly more belligerent," talking about "white supremacy," and "the sexualization of children."

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At that point, the creator says, "I made the decision to record her as we feared for our safety. Several passengers defended us and told her to stop. Some passengers got off the train and informed train workers."

That's when the Karen was told to get off the train.

The alleged racist Karen was told to never ride the train again — and the TikTok creator went on to enjoy a Boston day trip.

The creator, whose next video happily shows that she was able to move on from this disheartening event and enjoy a day trip to Boston, continued her caption by expressing her gratitude to the passengers and train employees who stood up for them.

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"They are our heroes!" the creator enthused, adding, "Thank you for doing what’s right!"

Indeed, as you can see in the short clip, a man who we assume is the train conductor approaches the Karen and demands that she get off the train.

At that point, the lady denies saying anything rude or racist to the creator and mom, despite multiple witnesses having apparently seen her horrific behavior.

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She then staunchly refuses to move from her seat, even as the train worker repeatedly asks that she get off the train, informing her that she cannot speak to other passengers "that way."

This is when the conductor admits he can't physically remove the woman from the train, but warns her, "Do not get back on my train ever again."

He very sternly informs her to deboard in Hartford, and never set foot on his train from that point on.

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"You see me, walk away," he demands, as the lady takes to looking out the window and nodding.

Finally, the creator thanks the train worker, calling after him, "God bless."

At time of writing, the train video had inspired over 3,500 comments, with the main theme of people's reactions being that they were so sorry the creator and her mom had to experience this cruelty ("still?!"), and that thankfully, there are good folks out there like the train conductor to stand up for what's right.

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