18 Rare and Discontinued Foods That Range From Disgusting to Delicious

Sometimes food manufacturers get creative in their success and try to jazz things up a bit or attract new customers, so they make stuff like...this.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Apr. 20 2021, Updated 8:56 a.m. ET


Living beings are usually concerned with two things: eating and procreating. Different species have different rules for accomplishing these two goals and the way they go about doing these things are specific to each animal. Their different behaviors are played out to the highest extent. The way meerkats love and live is much different than the way a Tiger does, but they're both beautiful, and they've both got stripes.

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The same goes for securing food: the ways hyenas eat/scavenge are much different than the way a lion tracks down a kill and gets their fill, but both seem to enjoy them in their own respective ways.

Human beings have orchestrated some pretty strange laws and then sub-laws and niches of those laws when it comes to eating. One of the biggest of those niches is convenience so we can spend time...you know, pretending like we're fabulous or interesting.

And in that quest for convenience, we've also tried to pack in as much enjoyment from said foods as possible. Dolphins might be able to eat tuna from when they're born till the day they die and enjoy every single bite of tuna-like it was the first time they ever had it, but humans have some weird sickness where we crave variety for whatever reason and we want to constantly "improve" or push the envelope.

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wasabi kit kat
Source: Instagram

This could be why food manufacturers get so nuts/creative with some of their creations. Take a look at some of the concoctions that've been conjured up in the last few years. Have you tried any of these? Do you want them back in your fridge or pantry? Or maybe some "limited edition" items are better left in the past?

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Heinz's Ketchup caviar.

heinz ketchup caviar
Source: Heinz

Yep, it's exactly what you think it is: little globules of ketchup formed into tiny balls that explode with ketchup flavor when you eat it. Slice up a hot dog and decorate it with three of these bad boys for the fanciest low-class hors d'oeuvres you'll ever have.

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Carrot Cake Oreos

carrot cake oreos
Source: Nabisco

Oreo is known for some of its more psychopathic flavors, but these were a gem that just hit the spot. The good news is that Nabisco has a habit of bringing certain special edition cookies back, so here's hoping they do right by all of us junk food lovers.

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Long Lost Lime Skittles

long lost lime skittles
Source: Skittles

Many younger siblings were forced into liking lemon and lime out of necessity because our elder brethren would grab the berry flavors first. However, the little addition of a lime Skittle made all the difference. We need the Lime. Give us the Lime.

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Cucumber Sprite

cucumber sprite
Source: Amazon

You'd have to be in Russia or go to a Russian grocery store to try this bad boy out that was surprisingly very, very good. There's a no-sugar lemon, lime, and cucumber flavor in the UK now.

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Ruby Grapefruit Red Bull.

red bull grapefruit
Source: Twitter

People who tried this beverage said that it was basically heartburn in a can, despite the fact that this limited-edition flavor still packed a bunch of sugar. No wonder people aren't clamoring for it to return.

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Reese's Swoops.

reeses swoops
Source: Wikipedia

Want all of the stackable convenience of Pringles chips somehow transferred upon your favorite mass-produced chocolate? Then Swoops were the choice for you! These were offered in a variety of different brands, like Almond Joy, Hershey's, and York (BARF) Peppermint Patties, but everyone knows that Reese's is the best choice. Duh.

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Black Pepper Jack Doritos.

black pepper jack doritos
Source: Fairplay Foods

In all honesty, it doesn't make sense that these were ever discontinued. They're objectively one of the greatest Doritos flavors to have ever existed and it's a crime that they aren't brought back. Now I'm mad.

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Green Tea Mochi Haagen-Dazs ice cream

green tea haagen dazs mochi
Source: General Mills

The idea of dairy and green tea flavorings are a little weird, but the addition of mochi kind of makes up for the strange flavor pairing. Definitely doesn't seem like the kind of thing that you could eat the whole pint of, which is probably a good thing.

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Hello Kitty Spam

hello kitty spam
Source: Instagram

Spam may sound and look disgusting, but there's something about a fried Spam Musubi that just can't be beat. Some folks thought that the way to move more of these pre-packaged meat was to brand it with everyone's favorite cute white kitten. 

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Banana Kit Kat

banana kit kat
Source: Amazon

Kit Kat's are one of the most beloved chocolate candies in Japan and they have a ton of different flavors, including Wasabi, Anko and Matcha Tea, Baked Potato, and tons of other strange concoctions. But Banana is pretty easy to get your hands on without having to go to the Land of the Rising Sun.

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Peanut Butter and Banana Cream Reese's Cups

elvis reeses
Source: YouTube

Elvis loved peanut butter and banana, but not sure if he liked mashing Reese's peanut butter cups with them in his Fool's Gold Sandwiches. After hearing about his food stories however, I would think that anything's possible.

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Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

tabasco spicy chocolate
Source: Tabasco

Spicy chocolate is nothing new, however, seeing a paint can tub of Tabasco infused cocoa wedges is a bit jarring to see.

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Mexican Jalapeno M&M's

mexican jalapeno m and ms
Source: Mars

Again with the spicy chocolate! M&Ms debuted this flavor with other "internationally inspired" treats, like Thai Coconut Peanut and English Toffee Peanut. M&Ms promoted the candies by launching a website that let fans create personalized packs where they could put photos of themselves on the bags.

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Milka Elderberry Cream

milka elderberry cream
Source: Flickr

Milka bars tend to be so sweet that they make you sick, which is why people really seemed to love this white chocolate filled with a tart jam. 

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Mountain Dew Pitch Black

mountain dew pitch black
Source: Instagram

Mountain Dew's no stranger to debuting new flavors and even launching campaigns asking people to name said new flavors with disastrous results. Its Pitch Black flavor debuted a dark, deep purple colored Mountain Dew that was basically a grape-flavored soda loaded with sugar and of course, caffeine.

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Coca Cola Peach

coca cola peach
Source: Instagram

The amalgamation of peach and coca cola doesn't sound right, but the flavor nonetheless debuted in Japan and was released in other markets.

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Coca Cola Plus

coca cola plus
Source: Instagram

The "fitness" Coca Cola claims that if you drink of them a day it'll help with fat absorption and keep you in shape. I don't know if that's the case but I'm sure tons of people bought it nonetheless. Maybe it's loaded with ephedrine and speed?

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Chupa Chups soda

chupa chups soda
Source: Chupa Chups

The lollipops that everybody's Grandma seems to have in their house but no one eats launched their own soda beverage. These first debuted in South Korea, but the word is out as to whether or not they'll make their way to other countries.

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