What's the "Reading Rainbow" TikTok Trend? Everyone's Using It Lately

Stephanie Harper - Author

Mar. 18 2022, Published 12:22 p.m. ET

Jay Sean's TikTok
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The latest trend to go viral on TikTok might just remind you of childhood, depending on what year you were born. Who remembers when episodes of Reading Rainbow would air on PBS? The adorably innocent show was created with young audiences in mind.

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Children who were interested in learning how to read were able to tune in starting in 1983. The show lasted for 21 seasons! These days, thanks to TikTok, the conversation about it is back and funnier than ever. Here's what TikTokers should know about the viral "Reading Rainbow" trend.

TikTok/@bentelerski, @keepingonandup
Source: TikTok/@bentelerski; TikTok/@keepingonandup
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What is the viral “Reading Rainbow“ trend on TikTok all about?

The "Reading Rainbow" trend on TikTok gives social media users a chance to highlight some of their foggiest brain moments ever. This is the perfect trend for people who know how to make fun of themselves without taking life too seriously. If you have a witty and slightly sarcastic sense of humor, it’s probably about time you hopped on the "Reading Rainbow" trend for yourself!

In this trend, users on TikTok are able to edit their faces into a floating position in front of an image of the blazing hot sun in a night sky filled with stars. After their face passes through the screen, an extremely complicated and difficult-looking math equation pops up front and center. All the while, the Reading Rainbow theme song plays in the background.

TikTokers who’ve ever been confused about different life scenarios are able to shed light on their general bewilderment.

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One example comes from a user named @keepingonandup. Her video comes with a caption saying, “When you’re talking to someone and you can’t understand what they’re saying and they’ve already repeated themselves five times, so you just go with it." Nearly everyone can relate to that super awkward situation!

Another user named @bentelerski posted a video with a text box saying, “Sitting down in the library and looking at the essay prompt for the first time less than 24 hours before it is due.” Too many students can relate to the stress of that thought process during their high school or college years.

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A third user on TikTok named @dub_frost posted a video with a caption saying, “When someone asks me, ‘What are your hobbies? What makes YOU happy?’” The reason this particular video is so relatable is that it somehow becomes really difficult to figure out what your interests are when someone puts you on the spot.

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Have any celebrities hopped on board with the 'Reading Rainbow' TikTok trend yet?

A handful of celebrities have definitely hopped on board with the “Reading Rainbow" trend on TikTok. Nev Schulman from MTV’s hit show Catfish posted a video with a caption saying, “Me listening to people explain why they think the person you’re talking to online is real." His confusion is totally valid.

Jay Sean also uploaded a video with a caption saying, “Me when she’s on a rant and I offer a solution, but now she’s more mad because she just wanted me to ‘hear her.’” It seems he’s describing a common issue that happens in relationships!

This TikTok trend has been blowing up for the last couple of weeks and will probably continue trending for a while longer.

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