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Source: Disney

Disney's 'Recess' Is Getting a Live-Action, Fan-Made Sequel Film


Recess is in session! Back when Disney was super cool, in 1997, Recess aired as part of the One Saturday Morning block on ABC. The animated series followed TJ Detweiller, (Ashley) Spinelli, Mikey Blumberg, Gretchen Grundler, Gus Griswald, and Vince Lasalle, a group of fourth graders, as they try to navigate life at Third Street Elementary School. 

The series ran from 1997 to 2001 and is a total classic, as almost any millennial will tell you. We all know which Recess kid we were deep down inside (if I'm being completely honest, I was a Gretchen with the heart of a Spinelli). And now, Recess is coming back, in live-action film form, thanks to a few extremely devoted fans.