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Source: Getty Images

Real Talk: What’s up With Blake Lively’s Accent in 'The Rhythm Section'?


We all have a healthy appreciation of Blake Lively, right? Whether you’ve been following her career since the Gossip Girl days or are just a total sucker for her and husband Ryan Reynolds’ antics, you have to admit that Blake is one of those celebs you just can’t help but root for. She stars in the upcoming international spy thriller called The Rhythm Section. But if you watch The Rhythm Section trailer, one thing will definitely stand out to you.

It’s not the bombastic explosions or the many, many different wigs (although those also definitely deserve a mention). Nope. It’s Blake’s accent. If you’re planning to watch The Rhythm Section, Blake Lively’s accent is really something you need to be prepared for. So, what’s up with the accent, anyway?