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Source: TLC

Robert's Ex-Wife on '90 Day Fiance' Is Still a Mystery, but Her Mom Isn't


There’s a lot to unpack about Robert and Anny’s relationship on 90 Day Fiance Season 7. When they aren’t arguing about Robert’s apparent promise of an iPhone, they are fighting about how and where to get married. It hasn't been the start of a great romance story, and after Anny met Robert’s ex-mother-in-law, things got even more complicated.

Robert explained on the Season 7 premiere that his son Bryson’s mother isn't in the picture, but he does maintain a relationship with her mom, who has helped raise 5-year-old Bryson. When Anny and Bryson’s grandma met on the Nov. 24 episode, however, it wasn’t the warm meeting Robert had apparently hoped for. And more than anything, fans are now curious about who Robert’s ex-wife on 90 Day Fiance is.