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Source: TLC

Robert and Anny's Relationship After '90 Day Fiancé' Could Already Be in Trouble


Relationships born out of eight hours spent together before a marriage proposal can't all be winners. And when Robert and Anny on 90 Day Fiancé reunited, reality hit them hard. They had a whirlwind romance in the Dominican Republic and although they are engaged to be married this season, fans might be wondering where Robert and Anny stand now.

Nothing says "Forget about the K-1 visa" like spending your first night together on a living room couch and then going consignment shopping the following morning. But instead of talking out their issues which popped up so soon after Anny arrived in the U.S., she and Robert argued about their ideas of what she deserved as his bride-to-be. And things probably won't get easier from here.