Robin Roberts Doesn't Talk About Politics Publicly, but What are Her Beliefs?


Jul. 19 2021, Published 12:43 p.m. ET

Robin Roberts
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It's unclear when, if ever, Jeopardy! will land on a new permanent host. Until it does, though, the show has welcomed a roster of high-profile guest hosts, many of whom come from the world of broadcast TV. That's definitely true of Robin Roberts, the latest guest host on the show. Now that she's guest hosting, though, many are eager to learn more about her personal political views.

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What are Robin Roberts' politics?

Like many high-profile broadcasters, Robin has worked exceedingly hard to make sure that her political views are not widely known. She doesn't often express them in public, which has helped her maintain her credibility as a journalist capable of confronting politicians of both parties with hard truths. As is the case with most journalists, there has been speculation that Robin leans liberal, but there's little in her public record to confirm that.

robin roberts politics
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It's true, however, that Robin had a somewhat close relationship with President Barack Obama, at least on professional terms. Robin was the first person to interview Obama after he became president, and it was also during an interview with her that he announced his support for gay marriage. Robin, who has been out as a lesbian since 2013, has spoken about how important that moment was for her personally.

“I’m getting chills again,” she said when discussing the interview. “When you’re sitting in that room and you hear him say those historic words, it was not lost on anyone that was in the room.”

After Robin received a bone marrow transplant, the Obamas also recorded a message welcoming her back to Good Morning America. In the video, they described her as an "inspiration."

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Robin has never explicitly endorsed Obama or any other Democrat.

Robin remains intimately involved in the realm of politics as a journalist, but despite her close relationship with them, she has never made any statements publicly endorsing the Obamas or anyone else.

As a result, it's impossible to say for sure what her politics might be. Viewers may draw whatever conclusions they want from her public relationships, but they don't necessarily mean anything.

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Robin was a sportscaster before moving over to hard news.

Although Robin is well-established as a hard news journalist now, she spent the first chunk of her career working for ESPN as a sports broadcaster. She made the switch over the hard news in 2005 when she joined the crew at Good Morning America. Since then, her star has only continued to rise, and she's now recognized as one of the best broadcast journalists in the game.

Whatever Robin's personal politics may be, it's clear that she works hard to make sure they don't influence her reporting. Even as she keeps those opinions to herself, Robin isn't afraid to speak her mind when she thinks it's important. She's a human being and a journalist, and it's clear that one doesn't have to make the other impossible. Instead, viewers can accept that every reporter brings a piece of themselves to the stories that they cover and talk about.

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